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#HLDiscovery: Mix It Up With These Soft Drinks & Mixers

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Soft Drinks | House and Leisure

Most people underestimate the role of mixers in drinks, but they play a vital role in making your cocktail really enjoyable. A good mixer adds flavour without drowning out the taste of the flavour of the spirit in your drink. So for all those cocktail nights, after work drinks at home or dinner parties, this week's #HLDiscovery explores the latest and best mixers. Don't forget that mixers also double as delicious soft drinks – just make sure you garnish and serve them in an attractive way, and you'll barely notice the fact that they are alcohol-free. Plus we have added a new non-alcoholic gin and tonic to this round-up for those who love the taste of a G&T but want to avoid alcohol. 

1. Fitch & Leedes Spicy Ginger Beer

If you are someone who prefers a bit of a kick, ordinary ginger beer will not do. Enter Fitch & Leedes Spicy Ginger Beer. This latest offering from Fitch & Leedes is made specifically as a mixer and works well with rum and whisky: it's a premium ginger beer that will bring out the sweet undertones in the spirit while allowing the pleasant spiciness of the ginger beer to shine through.

Fitch & Leedes Spicy Ginger Beer is a great addition to the Fitch & Leedes' range of premium mixers and is also excellent on its own – we suggest garnishing it with a chunk of fresh lime when going the soft drinks route with this one. Fitch & Leedes has also just been announced as the official mixers supplier for the The Sharks rugby team, so you're in good company when adding it to your bar cart's selection. 

Soft Drinks | House and Leisure

2. Schweppes Flavours 

Schweppes is without a doubt the country's most popular mixer brand. Many a braai or party has seen a bottle of Schweppes tonic water, soda water or ginger ale gracing the drinks table. Now the brand is expanding its offering with Schweppes Flavours. This is a range of sophisticated, ready-to-drink, alcohol-free soft drink blends that will bring festival flair to any occasion.

The Schweppes mixologists have curated two flavours for you to enjoy: Schweppes Mojito, a delicious blend of lime and mint flavours, and Schweppes Tropical Sunset, which is a sensational and unique bouquet of citrus flavours, with a daring hint of coriander and buchu extract. They are available in 200ml and 330ml ready-to-go cans and the new 200ml 'skittle' bottle.  

Soft Drinks | House and Leisure

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3. Fever-Tree Tonic

Not only are Fever-Tree tonics excellent in a G&T, the global premium mixer brand is also helping a very good cause – eradicating malaria. To help do so, fever-Tree has brought back its award-winning social media and digital campaign, ‘Raise Your Glass, Erase Malaria’. From now until 31 May, Fever-Tree is calling on people across South Africa and the world to join us in raising a glass to malaria’s demise and share the moment on social media. For every glass raised on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, tagging @FeverTreeMixers and #MalariaMustDie, Fever-Tree will donate £5 (about R93) to charity Malaria No More. Fever-Tree aims to raise crucial awareness and funds to help fight – and ultimately end – the world’s oldest and deadliest disease. 

Time to raise those glasses! 

Soft Drinks | House and Leisure

4. Fibs Virgin G&T 

We know that non-alcoholic spirits and drinks are on the rise, and the latest brand to enter this market is Fibs. It has created two virgin G&Ts that taste as good as the real thing. The Classic Dry Virgin G&T is offset by fresh lemon and undercut by a little sweetness. The Rose and Cucumber Flavoured Virgin G&T is a more fragrant drink with hints of cucumber and citrus. To achieve a true likeness to G&T, Fibs uses natural ingredients that have been carefully selected and mixed with natural spring water. The drinks also contain no artificial sweetness and are low in sodium and sugar. 

Soft Drinks | House and Leisure

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