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#HLDiscovery: How To Elevate Your Cup of Coffee

This is what is on our radar this week.


 Coffee | House and Leisure

Over the years, we have seen coffee evolve from a beverage to an art form – and it's something not just practiced in public by highly trained baristas. Thanks to changing tastes and technology, we can make an incredible cup of 'java' at home.

So, whether you are a connoisseur or simply interested in going beyond your pod machine, this week's #HLDiscovery list has got you covered. Here we look at everything you need, from beans to apparatus, to take your cup of joe to the next level. 

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The Apparatus 

The Chemex Classic

Looking for amazing flavours without having to put in too much effort? You should be using a Chemex. There is a reason that it looks like a flask from a science experiment: a Chemex brews coffee using the infusion method. The filters used are also more densely woven than traditional filter papers, which regulates the flow of the liquid while removing extreme flavourants – and as a result, you get a richer cup of coffee with better developed taste.

All you have to do is place a filter in the (beautiful) glass holder, add ground coffee, pour water over, and wait for it to drip through. The Chemex Classic is the perfect size to make 1-3 cups at home. 

 Coffee | House and Leisure

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Hario Mini-Slim Plus Manual Coffee Grinder

Getting your beans ground at your retailer is convenient, but there is no doubt that you will appreciate your cup even more if you grind them yourself. You will also get a hit of the wonderful aroma of freshly ground beans.

For those who want to go old school and manually grind their beans, try the Hario Mini-Slim Plus Manual Coffee Grinder. It uses a high-quality, conical ceramic burr that provides a consistent grind that is comparable to an electric grinder. And this grinder is small, so it grinds just enough for a cup at a time. This makes it perfect for that extra-special cup – the one you create just for you. 

 Coffee | House and Leisure

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The Equipment 

Siemens Fully Automatic Coffee Maker

If waiting for a Chemex or grinding beans takes up too much of your time (we know those mornings can be a rush) opt for a machine that does most of the work for you, while still still delivering a great brew.

The Siemens EQ6 Plus S500 can make two cappuccinos simultaneously, saving you time. (You can also make one if that is all you need.) Milk specialties can be selected and prepared by simply touching the sensor fields, and the machine has an 'Auto Milk Clean' function that automatically steam cleans the milk system after every use too. 

 Coffee | House and Leisure

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Sealpod Javabean Reusable Capsules

Many people already have pod machines, but are less than happy with single-use plastic pods that are not environmentally friendly. Enter Sealpod's Javabean Reusable Capsules. These are reusable stainless-steel pods that have been designed to fit Nespresso and Nespresso-compatible machines. You simply fill the capsule with your favourite coffee, and no longer need to worry about harming the environment. Plus, reusable pods are more economical in the long run. 

 Coffee | House and Leisure

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The Coffee

Bean There

Now that you have your apparatus, you need the stuff itself. And when choosing coffee, you want a great-tasting product, but one that is consciously sourced too.

Bean There is South Africa's first roaster of certified direct-trade coffee. This means they support fair working conditions and sustainable development across the African continent. They directly source 120 tonnes of Fair Trade beans each year from small-scale farmers in Ethiopia, Rwanda, Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic of Congo – and the result is excellent.

 Coffee | House and Leisure

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Fabino Organic Fairtrade

Another environmentally conscious brand is Fabino Organic Fairtrade. Every Fabino product is made with respect for the planet and a passion for coffee, and comes in café and espresso blends that suit every taste. You can get either beans or ground coffee, and it's all certified organic Arabica from Central and South America. 

 Coffee | House and Leisure

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