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#HLDiscovery: Host the Perfect Autumn Meal

From drinks to decorations, this is what's on our radar this week. from Pexels, Supplied

Autumn Meal| House and Leisure

Winter is definitely on its way, but before it has us completely in its grip, we still have some wonderful autumn days to enjoy. And chilly autumn weather is best warded off with a combination of good food and excellent company. There's no better way to bring these two together than by hosting a lovely autumn lunch or dinner for your friends and family. This week's #HLDiscovery list looks at the various elements you need to put together the perfect lunch event that suits the season and will impress your guests.

Autumn Table Essentials: Decor

A well-decorated table sets the tone for your event – it shows your guests that you have put in some effort, and can be a wonderful conversation starter when you sit down to eat, too. Adding a few decor items on the table is all you need to elevate the meal. 

Ardmore Tea Towels and Tablecloths 

Autumn Meal| House and Leisure

Known for its bold and bright designs, Ardmore Fabrics has recently released its Zambezi II fabric, which is available in an array of tablecloths and tea towels that will brighten any table setting. With the brand's signature playful aesthetic featuring wild flora and fauna as well as warm bright colours, these table textiles will instantly pick up the mood of your guests, regardless of how chilly it is outside. 

Native Decorelavated Candleholder 

 Autumn Meal| House and Leisure

Dining by candlelight – even at lunchtime – creates a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, And with the Native Decorelavated Candleholder, you will also add a sophisticated edge to your table.  

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Pig Bowl 

Autumn Meal| House and Leisure

In films, books and TV shows that depict historic times, feasts are not complete without a perfectly roasted suckling pig in the centre. Recreate this effect with the stylish ceramic Pig bowl by Rialheim, which can be used as a functional centrepiece for your table. It is available in bronze, white, black and a splatter of black and white, so you'll easily find one that suits your taste and day-to-day decor. 

SHOP IT | Rialheim Pig bowl, R1 299 each 

Autumn Table Essentials: Cutlery, Crockery and Glassware  

As anyone who watches MasterChef knows, plating is essential to a perfectly presented dish. But even without formal plating, having good pieces from which everyone eats and drinks will instantly elevant your presentation. 

Nicolson Russell Dubai Gold & Black Titanium Cutlery Set

Autumn Meal| House and Leisure

Nicolson Russell products are the epitome of elegance, which is why they are the first choice for hospitality establishments across the country. This Dubai Gold & Black Titanium Cutlery set is one of our favourites from their range. Its minimal design is modern and bold with a unique look and feel, and the striking gold and black colour combination adds a dramatic touch. 

Maxwell Williams Caviar Black Crockery Range 

Autumn Meal| House and Leisure

With its sleek, simple and dark look, the Maxwell Williams Caviar Black Crockery range will make any food you serve on it pop. It also complements the Nicolson Russell Dubai cutlery shown above very nicely. 

Happy O Stemless Glasses by Riedel

Autumn Meal| House and Leisure

Whenever you have a number of guests over, the same problem occurs – no one can remember which glass is theirs. Enter Happy O Stemless Glasses by Riedel. They are fun and quirky, and each has a different colour at the bottom, making it easier to identify which glass if yours. Because they are stemless, you can serve virtually anything in them - from white and red wine to non-alcoholic cocktails, beers and ciders.

SHOP IT | Happy O Stemless Glass Tumblers by Riedel, set of 4, R799
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Autumn Table Essentials: Beverages

Any good lunch or dinner starts with drinks. And while there are a whole host of wonderful non-alcoholic spirits that you can serve for the teetotalers or designated drivers, for guests who are going to indulge, here is our pick of what to serve. 

Three Spades Cider 

Autumn Meal| House and Leisure

No matter the season, there is nothing like an ice-cold cider, especially for those who are not fans of wine. Rather than the usual offerings, treat your guests to something a little more special: the Graaff family of De Grendel has a new premium drink called Three Spades Cider that is made from freshly pressed pure apple juice, rather than apple concentrate. 

Three Spades Cider is gently handcrafted using apples from Elgin – an area that is well known for its premium apples.  Light, crisp and with effervescent elegance, the cider offers an exquisite, almost Champagne-like flavour. The bottle is also shaped to resemble a mini Champagne bottle to symbolise a fun, mini celebration, as well as making these ciders a luxurious touch perfect for your luncheon or dinner party. 

Survivor Wild Yeast Chardonnay 

Autumn Meal| House and Leisure

For the white wine lovers, try Survivor Wild Yeast Chardonnay. The 2018 vintage has just been released after a complete sell-out of previous vintages. A wooded Chardonnay, this wine has a unrestrained character structure and fullness, because only natural occurring yeast is used during barrel fermentation. The result is a beautifully textured wine that is perfect to serve on cooler autumn days. 

De Krans Basket Press Cabernet Sauvignon 2017

Autumn Meal| House and Leisure

A good option for red wine is De Krans Basket Press Cabernet Sauvignon 2017. The 2017 vintage is one of the top recent wine years in SA, according to master of wine Tim Atkin, and the wine presents gentle tannins with dark fruit and cherry cigar characteristics. 

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Now that you have the elements you need to host your autumn lunch, here are some recipes to help you to plan the menu: 

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