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#HLDiscovery: Designer Bottles, Award-Winning Gin and Refreshing Juice

This is what is on our radar this week.


House and Leisure HLDiscovery

In this week's #HLDiscovery list, we aim to quench your thirst with a variety of stylish, award-winning and refreshing beverages. From dealcoholised wine to limited-edition bottles, we look at a variety of products that are perfect for summer sundowner. 

1. Disaronno Wears Trussardi

Disaronno has once again teamed up with luxury Italian fashion house Trussardi to release a stunning limited-edition bottle as part of the Disaronno Icon project. Italian tradition, innovation and elegance are values shared between these two iconic brands, making them the perfect partners for this project. The Disaronno wears Trussardi bottle features an elegant graphic design that perfectly captures Trussardi's singature style. The bottle boasts Trussardi’s textures combined with the Greyhound monogram in fuchsia, green and light blue brushstrokes, making it an eye-catching contemporary look.

House and Leisure HLDiscovery

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2. JHG Pomegranate Juice

Jan Harmsgat Historic Farm and Country House, known for their single-block wines, have expanded their product offering to include a gorgeous pomegranate juice. As food trends continue to embrace healthier options, pomegranates are good choice as they are rich in antioxidants. The JHG pomegranate juice is derived from the whole fruit, with no sugar, colouring or flavouring added, and is available in a 2L organic-style box with a shelf life of six months. You can enjoy the juice on its own, or use it in as mixer in a cocktail.

House and Leisure HLDiscovery

3. KWV Cruxland Gin

Gin is clearly here to stay, and if you are going to enjoy a G and T after work, you should opt for the very best spirit. For the second year running, KWV Cruxland Gin has triumphed as the Best South African London Dry Gin for Taste at the prestigious World Gin Awards. The World Gin Awards is widely regarded as the most authoritative global competition in the gin industry, and with so many marvellous local gins available, this is a true honour. The judges described Cruxland Gin's flavour profile as: 'Bright peppermint, with a chalky note on the nose, and zesty, juicy fresh orange. The palate is bright, fresh and lifted. Citrus-led. Layered with a pink pepper finish.' 

House and Leisure HLDiscovery

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4. Almost Zero Dealcoholised Wine 

Van Loveren have created a wine that you can enjoy guilt-free. Almost Zero is a dealcoholised winecrafted from Sauvignon Blanc. As the name indicates, it has virtually no alcohol in it (less than 0.5%) and contains 75% less kilojoules than a normal glass of wine. A fruit-forward wine, Almost Zero hits you with flavours of apple, litchi and a little citrus. This makes it a perfect companion to seafood dishes and salads. It's best served chilled or with ice. 

House and Leisure HLDiscovery