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#HLDiscovery: 4 Wines on the Lighter Side

This is what is on our radar this week.

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Lighter Wines | House and Leisure

With many top-class wineries, thousands of different brands and a variety of price ranges, the South African wine industry is on the rise internationally. And with all the excellent products on offer at remarkably reasonable prices, it's no surprise that South Africans are big wine lovers. Some prefer full-bodied wines, but an increasing number are opting for lighter wines. With the Easter break and the last few weeks of warm autumnal weather to enjoy, this week's #HLDiscovery list focuses on the latter.

4 Exceptional Lighter Wines

1. Constitution Road Chardonnay

Lighter Wines | House and Leisure

Made from grapes that originate from selected premium vineyards on Robertson Winery’s Wandsbeck farm, Constitution Road Chardonnay continues to receive praise locally and internationally. Named for the winery’s home at Number 1 Constitution Road in Robertson, the wine – together with the Constitution Road Shiraz  – is one of Robertson Winery's flagship offerings. In line with its name, the label has been designed by Anthony Lane to symbolise the democratic pillars of the South African constitution, mirroring the values and beliefs of Robertson Winery. 

As for the Chardonnay itself, it is a delightful wine that features notes of citrus, buttered toast, marmalade and vanilla. A zesty acidity counters the rich creamy texture on the palate, which exhibits layers of citrus, pear and butterscotch that linger on the finish. This makes it the perfect companion to dishes like eggs Benedict, salmon with garlic-butter sauce or fillet steak béarnaise – essentially, anything buttery or zesty will go well with this wine. 

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2. Terra del Capo Sangiovese 2016

Lighter Wines | House and Leisure

Not all lighter wines are white and Anthonij Rupert Wyne's Terra del Capo Sangiovese 2016 is testament to that. An Italian-inspired wine, it is an accessible red that can be enjoyed any time of the year. The wine displays bright cherry and blueberry aromas, spicy highlights and smooth vivacious fruitiness, all skillfully balanced by a gentle hint of oak.

Although complex, the wine is very approachable and lingers on the palate, culminating with a light cocoa finish. Its ripe cherry, supple plum and layered spicy flavours effortlessly complement traditional Italian dishes such as slow-braised tomatoes, a meaty lasagne, slow-braised osso bucco or pasta Napoletana. Ideal as an aperitivo too, the Sangiovese pairs perfectly with your favourite salami, olives and pickles.

3. Tokara Chardonnay 2017 

Lighter Wines | House and Leisure

Tokara has just released a new Chardonnay vintage that is perfect for this time of year. It is a lovely, creamy Chardonnay with hints of minerality that is distinctive in Stellenbosch Chardonnays. Expect aromas of ripe quince and orange blossom to spring from your glass with underlying notes of fresh ginger and a hint of toasted almonds. The palate comes alive with fresh clementine and grapefruit, and subtle notes of ginger spice.

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4. Almost Zero by Van Loveren

Lighter Wines | House and Leisure

This wine is as light as they come. Van Loveren's Almost Zero is lower in kilojoules and has (as the name suggests) virtually no alcohol in it. Crafted from Sauvignon Blanc grapes, the wine has 75% fewer kilojoules than a normal glass of wine and only 0.5ml of alcohol – the same amount of alcohol as the 'alcohol-free' beers on the market. This means you can enjoy as much of it as you want to without any of the guilt. The wine has a bracing, flavourful kick of apple, litchi and a little citrus, and is best served chilled. 

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