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#HLCrush: The HL Team's Top Finds for January 2019

From decor to drinks, this is what the HL Team are crushing on.


House and Leisure HLCrush

The first month of 2019 is almost over and, while January can be long and overwhelming, it also presented us with new, interesting and stunning items in the world of decor and design. We've been witness to interesting collaborations, innovative design and practical art; a lot to covet from team HL

Each week a House and Leisure team member takes to Instagram to gush about an item that they are obessed with for our #HLCrushoftheWeek. If you've missed out on our top finds and picks for January 2019, we have curated them below for you to admire. 

1. Espadril X Lucie de Moyencourt


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It may be January and budgets are tight, but our Deputy Editor Robyn Alexander is loving this collaboration between artist and designer Lucie de Moyencourt and the fabulous women of Espadril. A fresh new year means we all need new shoes, right? 

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2. 'The Link' by Willow Lamp 


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Story Editor Annzra Denita  is crushing on Willow Lamp's new art piece called ‘The Link’. The Link was designed as an abstract exploration of simple shapes made three dimensional, and plays with the concepts of solid and transparent forms. As to why Denita loves it, she says: ‘Not only is this a remarkable work of art, it is functional, contemporary and sleek.’

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3. Chefs Apron by Mungo 


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This year, Mungo released a beautiful range of chef's aprons that got our Decor Editor, Chrizanda Botha, excited. ‘I adore the style of the Mungo's chefs apron – the soft colours available and the cotton/linen blended fabric is just lovely,’ says Botha. 

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4. Disaronno Wears Trussardi 


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Perfect when served as a cordial, on the rocks or in a chilled cocktail, famed Italian liqueur brand Disaronno  is now more alluring than ever. Teaming up with luxury fashion house Trussardi , this limited-edition bottle is dressed to the nines — and HL Digital Editor Lisa Wallace loves it. 

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