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#HLCrush: The HL Team's Top Finds

From decor to accessories, this is what the HL Team are crushing on.

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#HLCrush | House and Leisure

Here at House and Leisure we get to see a lot of fun and interesting design objects that we comb through and curate for you to enjoy. While there is usually a general consensus about what is cool enough for us to feature, sometimes personal taste comes into play too – and as a result, we're exposed to a range of different items that speak to the personalities of our team members. To showcase this, we have #HLCrushofTheWeek, which sees one of us take to Instagram and showcase an item that we are obsessed with each week. For those who missed our #HLCrush posts for February or who simply don't have Instagram, here are our top picks for February: 

1. #HLCrush: Louis Vuitton Earphones



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Our editor Tiaan Nagel loved these Louis Vuitton earphones. He says: ‘I frequently travel between Joburg and Cape Town, and it’s certainly not the most glamorous commute. What I like about the Louis Vuitton Horizon earphones, especially the monogrammed Damier pattern, is that you can have a little style signifier on hand while killing time in the airport lounge.’

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2. #HLCrush: Mother City Jungle 


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Art editor Gemma Bedforth adores nature and is plant obessed. So when she discovered Mother City Jungle – an online indoor plant store based in Cape Town – it instantly became her new favourite site. She says: 'I’ve got my heart set on the entire series – great additions to my own ever-growing indoor jungle, and a pretty fantastic gift idea for the fellow plant enthusiasts in your life.'

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3. #HLCrush: Haas Brothers 'Furry Beasts'


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Decor works at its best when it is stylish and says a bit about who we are. For chief copy editor Emma Follet, these weird and wonderful creations from The Haas Brothers are perfect. She says: 'My #CrushofTheWeek are these playful furry beasts from brothers Simon and Nikolai Haas' brand The Haas Brothers, which really appeals to my nostalgic, childlike side. I especially love seeing them in a super-modern space – so unexpected!

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