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The HL Team's Ultimate Luxuries Part IV

Abstract, wishful or achievable, these are the luxuries from three of the HL team.


In light of the November #HLMyLuxuries issue, the House and Leisure team share their favourite – and ultimate – luxuries. 

Ian Martin, art director 

1. Miavana Luxury Eco Resort

Could there be anything more luxurious than spending a week at an award-winning, architecturally designed luxury eco resort on its own island off the north coast of Madagascar? 

2. Tom Ford Oud Wood

Everything this man creates is pure luxury. 

3. Pig & Hen Bracelet, Dark South Africa

I am just loving these mens bracelets now available from Dark. 

4. Oust Rug, Southern Guild

I fell in love with this rug the first time I saw it at Southern Guild. A real beauty designed by John Murray & Paco Pakdoust. 

4. Blue Head by William Kentridge

Apart from being one of South Africa's most celebrated artists, William Kentridge's work has always captivated me since studying art at school years ago.

5. Nike Air Max in Camp Green

I'm a real sucker for a killer pair of trainers and these will definitely be on my Christmas list. 

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Gemma Bedforth, junior art director

1. The new Terra Flora fragrance from Olive Branch by Kelly Ghali

2. Luxurious quiet time in the desert

Ideally at the Amangiri resort and spa in Utah.

3. A Roksanda Ilinic frock.

Or any of her frocks actually!

4. Malfy Con Arancia

Duh, look how bright and happy – also tastes like summer!

5. Call me a leprechaun, cos I'll be finding a pot of gold at the end of this Lux Float Rainbow cloud bed.

6. My Wild Card

Literally, when humans get too much, you will find me in one of my favourite San parks secret spots.

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Lisa Wallace, digital editor


1. Cats!

My cats are my favourite luxury – I love coming home to them after a long day, cuddling them in the morning before work, or seeing their adorable faces when I adorn them with love and kisses. My spirit animals.

2. Lacey summer Dresses, Self Portrait

I have a certain penchant for pretty, lacey summer dresses. A femine piece by Self Portrait is the ultimate dream.

3. Hammam at Babylonstoren

By far the most beautiful spa I’ve ever been to, it’s that time of year where our brains and bodies are tired. This treatment would win first prize. 

4. Cartier ‘My Love’ Bracelet

Perhaps for the hidden romantic in me, or its elegant simplicity, but to own a Love Bracelet by Cartier has been on the wishlist for as long as I’ve known.

5. Travel

After a recent trip to Saint Helena (island, not bay in the Western Cape), the experience entrenched a desire to see more of the world, and also made evident how wonderful a trip to an entirely different culture can do to one’s heart and psyche.

6. Michael Kors Eau de Parfum by Michael Kors

Without doubt my signature scent – winter, summer, all year long. I fell in love with this worn initially by my mom so it has a nostalgic scent as well as an ‘it’s mine’ and flowery, happy scent.

7. A Mohair rug by Frances V.H 

Particularly from the Homestead Collection by Bofred and Frances V.H Mohair Rugs, these beauties are inspired by the plains and soft hues of the Great Karoo (my second favourite part of South Africa). I'm a serious fan girl. 


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