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The HL Team's Ultimate Luxuries Part III

Abstract, wishful or achievable, these are the luxuries from three of the HL team.


In light of the November #HLMyLuxuries issue, the House and Leisure team share their favourite – and ultimate – luxuries. 

Tiaan Nagel, editor 

1. Mungo 'Vrou-Vrou' blanket wrap in Tamarind

I have always been a fan of Mungo, and the colour composition in this blanket wrap is just beautiful.

2. Spaces/Interiors by Joseph Dirand, Exclusive Books

Joseph Dirand is one of those minimalist French designers that manages to select interesting pieces that create maximum impact. He has designed store interiors for luxury brands for many years, and that background results in calm spaces that’s inviting, but done with great materials that are lasting.

3. Bal d'Afrique by Byredo

Byredo is a brand that I'm little obsessed with – not just because they make great perfume, but their branding and artistic direction is thoughtful and modern. This one in particular is one of my favourites.

4. Atelier New Regime x Puma TSUGI sneakers, Superbalist

I'm in sneakers every day – between meetings, recces, even super fancy launches, so I love that sneakers are having such a revival and that brands are putting their best for forward in creating innovative and striking designs. 

5. Bijou by Okha

I'm about to start on another renovation project – and this gem of a piece will look perfect in the my bathroom right next to the bath.

6. AT'H magnets, Hermès

Hermès magnets – need I say more?

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Valentina Nicol, photographer and videographer

1. Acqua Panna water

It would seem a simple luxury, but after suffering the drought, I think it would only be fitting to put water on my list. Of course, this is not just any water. Acqua Panna comes from one of the finest mountain regions – the Apennine Mountains of Tuscany, Italy. This water will definitely be making its appearance on my Sunday lunch table. 

2. Nico Krijno 'New Gestures: Fabricated to be Photographed'

The word 'luxury' conjures up thoughts of grandeur and excess. Nico Krijno's disfigured sculptures are a manifestation of what millennials refer to as being 'extra' and this art fascinates me; it is simply mesmerising.  

3. Leica M7 Rangefinder 

A photographer's luxe list wouldn't be complete if I didn't include a Leica camera. The Leica M7 Rangefinder is a classic, which any photographer will tell you is a gift we received from the heavens. It is perfection – its elegant and sleek design has not changed since its conception. 

4. Sweet LionHeart patisserie studio workshops

The luxury of time is often a topic of conversation among my friends. If you have ever received a Sweet LionHeart cake or had glance at their Instagram feed, you will understand why I need the luxury of a  Sweet LionHeart patisserie workshop.

5. Jo Malone candle

The day I received a Jo Malone candle was the day I understood that there are candles that you buy in a 10-pack from your local shop for the inevitable Joburg power cut and candles that make you feel emotions you didn't know you had. There are evenings with my Jo Malone candle that centre me and allow the world to pause. 

6. Pichulik

Pichulik jewellery is homegrown luxury around your neck. Having one of these pieces on you is a statement all on its own. Katherine-Mary Pichulik has fused shapes and styles with bold African colours, using something as simple as locally manufactured rope. 

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Mariola Fouché, copy editor 

1. Pure Egyptian cotton linen

This is the last word in luxurious quality and comfort before I clock out for the night. 

2. Vipp stainless-steel pedal bin

As a practical person, a kitchen necessity like this appeals to me enormously. 

3. International travel

My go-to for a complete recalibration: there’s nothing more precious to me than the sights, smells and sounds of visits to far-flung lands.

4. Time to read

Even though I read for a living, carving a few hours out of a demanding week to pursue my love of good books is a challenge.

5. Strappy Italian sandals

Grateful to my feet for remaining constant through thick and thin: why not adorn them in stylish footwear?

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