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Arrange Studio is just three years old, but it’s already showing the scope of the unique approach to interior design that owner Roxanne Ferreira favours.

HL Next Level 2019: Interior Designer Roxanne Ferreira

Illustration Stacey Knipe

Roxanne Ferreira | House and Leisure

Each year, House and Leisure creates a special feature that is all about up-and-coming South African creative talent. We look closely at the worlds of decor and design, and ask architects, ceramicists, product designers, artists, jewellers and photographers to tell us who we should be watching out for in their areas of work. 

Recent alumni of the Next Level list include fashion designer Rich Mnisi, photographer Zander Opperman and illustrator Karabo Poppy Moletsane, among many others. Check out the entire 2018 Next Level crew here.

The research phase of the work on this feature is followed by a discussion of precisely who we want to showcase – and why. This year, the team recognised that there has been a palpable return to the handmade recently, and so we wanted everyone who was featured to be someone who makes their pieces by hand.

From a textile designer to a jeweller and a chef, all the creatives included in 2019’s House and Leisure Next Level list do just that.

Interior Designer Roxanne Ferreira Is One Of Them

For Roxanne Ferreira of Arrange Studio, there’s no project so big that it can’t be drawn by hand – at least at first.

‘I’ve always preferred hand and analog work over digital, even when this isn’t always the most time-efficient option – like when you’ve been working on a handdrawn plan through the night, only to have the Tipp-Ex explode over your almost-done layout,’ says the interior designer.

‘For me, there’s something about the handdrawn that no program or app will ever come close to replacing. And besides, who can resist the feel of beautiful paper or the lure of a well-stocked stationery store?’

Even though Arrange Studio is just over three years old, it’s already showing the scope of Ferreira’s unique approach to interior design, where local creativity is the star of the show, and colour is used intelligently in the process.

‘People think that all I do is buy nice things, but the reality sees me role-playing a lighting layout with dinner plates on my living room floor; using a headlight to mark out a pitch-black building site; combing a beachfront in search of driftwood to make an emergency chandelier… it never ends!’ she says.

Watch Our Video Portrait Of Roxanne Ferreira Here

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