The HL decor editor's pick of jute rugs to shop for your space

Adding tactile jute rugs is an easy and cost-effective way to cosy up any area of your home, from living spaces to bedrooms.


Carpeting comes in many shapes, styles and sizes, but House and Leisure's decor editor Chrizanda Botha has a special affinity for jute rugs. Raw jute is a beautiful natural and hardwearing fibre in a brown hue that can be dyed. Due to its versatility, it is often said that jute is the second most important vegetable fibre after cotton, and one can easily confuse it with sisal as they look very much alike in texture and colour. The sisal fibre is stripped from the leaves of the Mexican agave plant and then spun into a creamy white yarn, while jute is woven from the stalks of the Corchorus capsularis plant – better known as the white jute plant, which commonly grows in India and Bangladesh.

When it comes to carpeting, both sisal and jute rugs add warmth, earthiness and texture to any interior space, and there is quite a difference in terms of price tag and durability. Choosing the right fibre often depends on the space you want the floor covering to be in, but regardless, Chrizanda loves jute rugs for their softness, durablity and the fact that they need very little maintenance. Jute rugs can be vacuum cleaned and are great if you have pets due to their warm, natural consistency and forgiving hue. Areas especially good for sisal include entryways, passages and other public spaces in your home, while jute rugs will work better in a lower traffic zone such as a bedroom or lounge. 

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Shop 5 of Chrizanda's Favourite Jute Rugs

Jute rugs | Maze | house and leisure
SHOP IT | Maze jute rug (3x2m) | R3 995, Weylandts
jute rugs house and leisure
SHOP IT | Jute grid rug (1.6x2.3m) | R1 299,
striped jute rugs house and leisure
SHOP IT | Jet jute striped rug (1.6x2.3m) | R1 494,


jute rugs house and leisure
SHOP IT | Squares Jute carpet | R1 995, Weylandts
knotted jute rugs house and leisure
SHOP IT | Knotted jute rug | R5 000, MRP Home