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High fashion-inspired designs from U&G Fabrics' Designer's Choice

A brand within U&G Fabrics, Designer's Choice creates high fashion designs inspired by a rich textile heritage. The three collections within the Designer's Choice brand, Norcia, Columus and Houston, encompass expressive patterns, elaborate detail and ravishing colours, and are both trendy and timeless in style. We chatted to designer Zainub Dawood to find out more about the brand and to get his take on upcoming fabric trends. What inspired the Designer's Choice brand? It was inspired by the demand from our customers for distinctive designs that they could not find anywhere else. Describe the brand in three words. Elegant, expressive and elaborate. What are some of the fabric trends for 2018? Chunky textured weaves in multiple warps, printed jacquards and velvets in every way. What is your favourite fabric at the moment and how would you style it?  The jacquards; these are unique and make use of new, interesting techniques. The collections offer a variety of printed jacquards and they're so versatile, working equally well in both modern and traditional schemes. Visit for more details.