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guilt-free indulgence at wholesome on bree

wholesome on bree Breakfast croissant; labneh, radish and black pepper on house nut and seed bread; baby gem salad; kimchi rice and eggs.

As healthy food options become increasingly sought after, Wholesome on Bree could not have chosen a better time to join ever-popular Bree Street. As a Clarke's regular, I was eager to try out their new daytime eatery and takeaway spot, a welcoming and expansive space hidden behind the courtyard. The interior is simple and nature-inspired, featuring one long row of benches and tables and muted tones that provide the perfect backdrop for the real star of the show - the food.
wholesome on bree Inside Wholesome on Bree.

If someone asked me if I'd be up for tasting raw minced pork on toast, my first instinct would be to give a resounding, 'Not a chance!'. However, when it's described as mettwurst – a German sausage preserved by curing and smoking – prepared in the kitchen of Clarke's well-known owner Lyndall Maunder and tastes absolutely amazing, you can rest assured I'll be returning to eat it again.
wholesome on bree Almond croissants

To give you a hint of what to expect from Wholesome on Bree's health-focused and vibrant menu, there's homemade buttermilk ricotta, age-old restaurant favourites spruced up with the addition of labneh and kimchi, and fruity drinks powered by completely natural hibiscus syrup and watermelon tonic.
wholesome on bree Fire eggs; tartines on sourdough with mettwurst, fresh red onion and black pepper; cream cheese, smoked trout and pea shoots.

Their thick-cut bacon, which slides perfectly into a croissant paired with spinach frittata and labneh, convinced me to never eat bacon any other way ever again, while the cream cheese, smoked trout and pea shoots on toast was refreshing and subtly delicious. After having an overwhelmingly 'tomato-y' experience with shakshuka in the past, I was apprehensive of Wholesome on Bree's 'fire eggs', but the chickpeas, Swiss chard and aubergine balanced out the dish perfectly and it's something I'm looking forward to eating in the cold winter months.
wholesome on bree Wholesome on Bree's entrance.

If you're looking for something unique, try the kimchi rice and poached eggs with mushrooms, radish, crispy kale and sesame seeds. The combination of ingredients is not only tasty, but good for you, too. Full of surprises, Wholesome on Bree also offers fresh West Coast oysters on the weekend paired with Graham Beck mimosas for a stylish Saturday or Sunday brunch.
wholesome on bree Fire eggs

End off your meal with a caffeine-free chicory based flat white, or one of Wholesome on Bree's signature gluten-free baked goods. You'll leave feeling satisfied but by no means guilty of over-indulging. Find more reasons to go to this fresh and inviting eatery by browsing through their Instagram, or make a booking by emailing or calling 072-349-3551. Save