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The Great Escape: A Video Tour of a Luxury Llandudno Holiday Home

Karl Rogers; Valentina Nicol


If Johannesburg is this Cameroonian-born business consultant and homeowner’s yin, then Cape Town is his yang. The former is the nucleus of his frenetic work life; the latter, his cocoon, of sorts – a source of calm and release. It was critical, then, that the holiday home he bought four years ago in the cove of Llandudno in the Mother City be the ultimate embodiment of slow living.

Perched high up on the mountainside, edged by boulders and fynbos, the multilevel residence that stands today bears little resemblance to the house that the owner viewed on his first visit to the site. Where the original turned inwards, the renovated house unfolds to the outside, breathing it in. ‘What struck me when I saw the old property was the upstairs area,’ he says. ‘It was all closed up, with absolutely no views, and I remember thinking how amazing it would be if we opened up that space.’

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Asked to do just that, Bomax Architects has successfully made the extraordinary vistas the hero of the home. Thanks to an abundance of glass, there isn’t a corner of the home that doesn’t look out onto at least a slice of the blue expanse beyond.  

For the interiors, Adam Court of Okha Design & Interiors has transformed the structure into a quiet celebration of its owner’s character and interests. The owner, in Court’s words, ‘embodies modern Africa’, and the decor pays tribute to the continent in a minimalist way. To ensure that the furniture worked with the flow of the rectilinear property, almost all of it was custom-made – ‘We didn’t shop; we crafted,’ says Court. The result is an elegant collection of rugs, seating and tables washed in earthy tones and marked with graphic etchings.

Designed to be both soothing and functional, the home's every detail is geared toward the business of relaxing.  


Separated from the downstairs lounge by a colossal boulder, the dining area of this Llandudno abode in Cape Town is home to an extended-length Bison table and Verb chairs, all by Okha Design & Interiors. A Lindsey Adelman-inspired chandelier and geometric sculptures by Chantel Woodman bring graphic interest to the space, with its raw wood floors and muted earthy hues.