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graphic elements

Introducing graphic touches and profiles is an easy, punchy way to update your indoor or outdoor space. Go all out to achieve the ultimate modern look or introduce a striking, eye-catching piece or two here and there for an eclectic aesthetic.

guiding light

Anyone who enters your house will cast their eyes upward first if you own one of the bold ceiling lights below. Otherwise, for a more subtle test-run to see if geometric elements will suit your home, start with a table lamp.
Spike Lamp in Yellow, Dokter and Misses, R3500 Spike desk lamp in yellow, available from Dokter and Misses for R3 500.

Hex Lamp in Black by Emerging Creatives, available at, R 899. Hex lamp in black by Emerging Creatives, available at for R899.

Crossroads Dome Pendant Light, Mr Price Home, R299,99. Crossroads Dome Pendant light from Mr Price Home for R299.99.

Coc Yeats Boardroom Light, Solid Brass & Warm LED strip light, By Egg Design, R 9800 Cox Yeats Boardroom light in brass by Egg Designs for R9 800.

sit down

Be it a stylised ottoman or artistic hanging chair, a fresh, interesting seating option is sure to draw attention and become one of your favourite resting spots.
Replica of Prince Stool R 450. Available at Each sold seperately. Replica Prince Stool, available in various vivid colours from Chair Crazy for R450 each.

Little Miss Fat Open Chair by Egg Design. R 7000. Little Miss Fat Open chair in oak by Egg Designs for R7 000.

Hanging-Hoop-Chair-Black-Lifestyle-01 Hanging Hoop Chair by Lee Broom, available at Crema, price on request.

18021063_02 Sahara Ceramic Stool from @Home for R1 699.

turn the tables

Combine function and form in a handsome graphic table. A beautifully designed desk, coffee table or side table can be the centrepiece of a space, while doubling up as a storage or display unit. Clean lines and interesting angles are key.
Desk by Chair Crazy, R 5034. Desk with natural beech wood legs from Chair Crazy for R5 034.

Casablanca side Table, Mr Price Home, R 899. Aluminium Casablanca side table from Mr Price Home for R899.99.

Globe Wire Stool/Chair by Illumina. Available at for R 1199. Globe wire stool/table by Illumina from for R1 199.

1404176-tom-dixon-trace-dining-table-a Trace Glass Dining Table by  Tom Dixon, available at Crema, price on request.

tucked away

These shelves and cabinets turn storage into the star. The goal of them isn't to conceal; it's to display, while organising and decluttering, with a little bit of showing off.
02_8104011448_SI_00 Retro shelf in red from Mr Price Home for R1 700.

lala_MG_2184-crop LALA drinks cabinet in steel from Dokter & Misses for R30 000.

sadfaew Triangle Hanging Shelf by B&K Design and Decor, available from for R349.

02_8104011431_SI_00 Honeycomb Wall Shelf, available from Mr Price Home for R 359.99.

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