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Gigantic Snake Light Sculpture Launches at Spier

Renowned local artist, David Brits will be launching an enormous light sculpture at the annual Spier Light Art event held in Stellenbosch. 


David Brits Light | House and Leisure

Aptly named the Fire Snake, the light sculpture will draped in the branches of a three-hundred year old oak tree on the idyllic grounds of the Spier Wine Farm from 6 December to 19 January 2020. 

The piece is created by South Africa's David Brits, an interdisciplinary and multi-medium artist who has spent three years of his career devoted to formal investigations in public scale scupture. 

Brits provides insight on the aim of the the large public sculpture that will form part of the Spier Light Art Festival.

'Images of snakes that were burned into my psyche from an early age, have taken on a new meaning and embrace new possibilities as my joruney of artmarking expands and unfolds into diverse territories. Fire snake is intended to evoke wonder in all those who see it,' he said. 

The talented artist was inspired to create his latest work by one of his clearest childhood memories, which is of his mother shooting a boomslang out of an oak tree in his garden. 

'To say that this uncanny experience informed this work would be too predictable, but perhaps somehow, the ghost of that snake still haunts the ancient oak tree.' 

The Fire Snake twists iself around the oak tree and the implementation of LEG lights creates the illusion that is is constantly moving up and down. The public can look forward to a one-of-a-kind display as the LED lights change in an array of vibrant patterns. 

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David Brits Light | House and Leisure

The Spier Light Art Festival is free of charge to the public and will include various light and sound artworks found throughout the farm grounds. 

Curators of the event, Jay Pather and Vaught Sadie explain that the installations at the festival are a visual and emotive experience. 

'Some of the installations illuminate the experience of an ethereal sky or a still lake, some play on the ability to see or not...Scattered across the Spier estate, each ofers an opportunity to experience the complex, multi-hued, multi-faceted texture of our environment and ourselves, now lit, now in shadow, simultaneously.'

Brits says that the oak trees found at the Spier Wine Farm were the ideal location to showcase his light sculpture. 

'Surrounded by a number of very old oak trees during my childhood, Spier's enormous oak was the obvious choice as a site for this large scultpure.'

The Spier Light Art Festival will take place each night from 6 December 2019 and 19 Janaury 2020, and is the perfect opportunity to bring the kids along to expand their knowledge of art. 

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David Brits Light | House and Leisure

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