Renovations, Walls and Floors

Get The Geometric Look

Judd van Rensburg and Heather Boting

The geometric look is a particularly effective one if you want to make a statement with various strong colours and are eager to bring bold lines to a room. Here we take you through the process you need to follow in order to achieve this eye-catching aesthetic with the help of behind-the-scenes photos.

Step 1:

Choose the area that you would like to paint, be it just a portion of a wall or a whole wall, and mark it out with masking tape. Step 1

Step 2:

Tape off your geometric shapes. In this case, tape was applied in diagonal strips with a central meeting point to focus the eye. step 2

Step 3:

Choose your colour hierarchy - think about which hues you'd like to be more prominent in the area and allocate the larger blocks to these. For this project, Sicilian Summer was chosen for the bottom, Cocoa Blush was used on the left-hand side and Amazon Jungle was applied on the right (all paints are from Dulux). Step 4

Step 4:

Start applying paint to the different areas. Be sure to apply at least two to three coats. Step 5

Step 5:

Once the paint has properly dried, remove the tape from the wall and carefully neaten up the edges with more paint. Step 6

Step 6:

Step back and enjoy your newly transformed space. Step 7