Garden Trends 2014

Text Tess Paterson ‘Indigenous doesn’t necessarily mean water-wise,’ explains landscaper Phillip Johnson, whose innovative Australian garden won best in show at Chelsea 2013. ‘But it does mean plants that have survived and thrived in that location for generations. They’ve adapted to those conditions and have the best chance of thriving with low maintenance.’ ‘Indigenous plants and indigenous wildlife go hand in hand, so we have to ensure we create habitats to attract birds and butterflies back to the cities - safe havens within our urban environments,’ he adds. ‘Capturing and storing water on site is key to any of our water bodies, from streams and billabongs to lakes. It could be as simple as installing a tank, or spreading water from the down pipes through a veggie garden, rather than into the storm water drain.' For more trends, make sure you get hold of our January/February Trends issue, on sale now.