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fly high: wine professionals put to the test at cape wine 2018

Cape Wine showcases the very best in our country's diverse wine making region, and this year things are levelling up thanks to the Premium Independent Wineries of South Africa (PIWOSA).

PIWOSA are known for executing innovative marketing programmes designed to raise the profile of premium South African wines, and this year they are demonstrating their creative flair at the event with a remarkable contest... This is what they have planned.

the flight club

On 13 September 2018 local sommeliers and wine professionals will be put to the test. They are invited to to take up the challenge and test their skills in a series of blind comparative tastings of premium South African wines, versus some of the very best wines in the world. Highly regarded French wines are hidden in five flights of South African wines from PIWOSA producers, and contestants have to identify which wine is the French wine. Contestants will be directed to their respective 'airport gates' by air stewardesses, where they will begin the blind tasting. The winner will get an all-expenses paid trip to Burgundy in France for a week. (Flight club has been a huge success in countries like the UK, Singapore, Japan, China and Canada.) Rollo Gabb, Chairman of PIWOSA says that the test is not as simple as it seems. Only one contestant has managed to identify the French wine: Zachary Tay, group sommelier for SPRMRKT Singapore won an all-expenses paid trip to South Africa. 'The fact that just one from over 600 top sommeliers and wine professionals around the world, in five years, could correctly pinpoint the French wine in each flight is a testament to the quality of South African wines today. Hopefully our local wine professionals will rise to the challenge and perhaps outshine their international counterparts.'

the mile-high club

This is a special 'flight' following on from The Flight Club. Here contestants will taste five South African wines and have to correctly identify the varietals. Any prospective winner of The Flight Club will have the chance to double up with a second flight to Burgundy by passing the Mile-High Club challenge.

Local sommeliers and wine professionals who are keen to demonstrate their tasting expertise, can register for  Cape Wine 2018 here. To book a place in The Flight Club tasting on 13th September, please email info@piwosa.com.


The blind tastings are not the only event that PIWOSA is running. In a serious of reveals on social media, all 11 wineries that form PIWOSA are producing #LiquidArt in the form of wine still lives that put their wines of at the centre. To date seven wines have shown their works of art and they are spectacular. To see all the #LiquidArt check out PIWOSA's Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.