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five trends in home cabinetry


If you’re considering a renovation, one of the final elements you’ll choose are the fittings – drawers and cabinetry. From kitchens, to bathrooms, when it comes to furniture and fittings, you'll need to strike the perfect balance between function and form – between current trends and practicality. For 30 years, Eclipse has been a leading supplier of functional furniture fittings and assembly tools for the cabinet making industry. Eclipse has highlighted five trends in cabinetry, that will help you to transform your home into a space that’s as stylish as it is practical.


Furniture without handles is a strong current design trend. Handle-less cabinetry takes the fuss out of opening and closing doors and brings smoothness and ease to the way in which you interact with the hardware in your home. Modern motion technologies, whether mechanical or electrical, make it possible for cupboards to be opened or closed with nothing more than a light touch. blum_box1737_3-upres


When it comes to fittings, the wider, the better. It's all about creating valuable storage space, which you can never get enough of. While load-bearing limits previously stood in the way of extra-wide solutions, modern fittings enable new, wider design options. What’s important is that runners and lift systems need to be stable to accommodate the extra weight. Lift systems also need to be ergonomically designed to allow for optimal functionality. blum_lbx0136_4


Adding electrically operated systems into the home makes heavy pull-outs easier to operate. A press with the foot, knee or hip is all that is needed if your hands are full. Electrically operated cupboards close and open quietly, irrespective of weight and content. These installations are perfect for waste bin drawers. An ideal option for lovers of gadgetry. blum_kla0377_4


Large, gap-free furniture fronts are becoming increasingly popular. Their size provides for the perfect balance between form and function. blum_kla0451_5

Uniform quality 

When choosing cabinetry and fittings, it’s important for the same quality to be used throughout. Uniform quality makes it easier to play around with colours, shapes and textures, while knowing that the functionality of the living space will remain uncompromised. The quality really becomes apparent in how the fittings open and close. blum_kla0525_6 For further information visit