Five Travel Trends for 2020

As we welcome a new decade, we take a look at new travel trends that will shape the way we spend our vacation and how we explore the world.

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Travel trends 2020


Travel has evolved over the past decade from the Instagram-ability of a location to the rise of electric planes. As we start 2020, there will be an influx of changes that shape the way we spend our holidays, from an eco-conscious perspective to visiting the lesser-known (and lesser crowded) destinations.

The world currently faces a time of uncertainty, as Pantone pointed out when choosing the colour of the year for 2020, the calming blue was chosen to create some grounding for society and people.

With political tension and social unrest rising across the globe, global warming heating up the planet and even the uncertainty of Brexit, travel will morph to fit these conditions making way for new ways to spend your holiday.  


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We have come up with five major travel trends for 2020. 

1. Green Travel 

Eco-warrior and climate change activist, Greta Thunberg prompted flygskam' which is Swedish for 'flight shame' and created a movement that calls on travellers to be accountable for their carbon footprint.

In 2020, this movement will continue to take the world by storm, prompting travellers to shift towards the use of slow travel such as trains, reducing their impact on the environment. A local and luxurious option is the Blue Train, which travels from Pretoria and Cape Town. 

As climate change wreaks havoc on the planet, travellers are becoming more of their impact on the environment. An eco-conscious approach will infiltrate into luxury travel, as hotels clammer to get a green standard rating.

Currently, a large number of hotels across the world are opting for sustainable practises such as including biodegradable materials such as straws, coffee cups and more. 


The Blue Train south africa
The Blue Train, dining cart, Facebook 


2. Off the beaten track 

Various travel locations across the world have become acclaimed for their Instagram aesthetic with hordes of Instagrammers pushing their way through to capture the perfect 'candid' image. Its no denying that Instagram has transformed the way people travel, sometimes even dictating where they visit and what they do. 

We have all been there, scrolling through our feed (sometimes aimlessly) when an image of the sunset view from Santorini's hill sin Greece catches our eye and becomes the next 'must-visit' destination on our list.

With the rise of people wanting to capture the perfect image, travellers are opting to visit less crowded spaces where they can explore the destination without worry of photobombing 'the perfect shot'.

Instead of opting of the bustling streets of Paris, travellers will head to less crowded destinations including Suriname, South America's smallest destination.

Although a popular destination amongst travellers, the vast beaches and tranquil setting of Sri Lanka is an affordable 'off the beaten track' destination for South African travellers. 


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Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka 


3. Home-tels

Airbnb has given rise to a new travel trend which has prompted hotels to transform their aesthetic and service offering to create a more 'homey' environment. Hotels are going in the direction of being more 'lived-in' spaces to fit a more homey appeal and created the concept of 'hotels'. Saving more than a buck has been a constant thought for travellers and Airbnb allows for this with affordable accommodation choices at the click fo a button.

Currently, over 220 countries are home to Airbnb's with over seven million listings worldwide, showcasing the popularity of this movement. 

Hotels offer the luxury service fo a hotel but the comforts of being right at home. Usually, home-tels are apartments or villas which have all the necessary amenities including a kitchen, laundry room and a number of common spaces. 

A South African brand pioneering this movement very well is Home Suite Hotels, creating a homey escape for travellers.


Home Suite Hotel
Home Suite Hotels, Facebook 


4. Nature and Wellness Retreats

Finding your 'zen' has become one of the biggest trends over the past few years, with yoga, meditation and escapes to nature heralding the list of must-do activities. 

With the new decade, travellers are looking to get more out of their trips than sightseeing and eating bowls of delicious local cuisine as they look towards detoxing from the stress of their daily lives.

According to the Global Wellness Institute report, wellness tourism is projected to reach a  global market worth USD919 billion by 2022. Wellness retreats also encourage a connection with nature through physical activity such as hiking and walking among other activities which encourage self-reflection. 

If you are looking for local wellness retreat to switch-off and unwind, Babylonstoren's luxurious Garden Spa offers the opportunity to be pampered in an idyllic setting of the Boland.


Babylostoren Garden Spa
Babylostoren, Facebook 


5. Staycations

Staycations are here to stay, (yes we heard that pun) but since its development and growth in 2016, choosing to opt for local destinations in one's country is becoming a popular option for travellers. 

With the South African currency and economy feeling a tight pinch with locals feeling the weight on their wallets, domestic travel will become a top trend as we start the new decade. Local travel offers the opportunity to support South African businesses and fuel our countries economy.

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council report, in 2017, tourism contributed to a total of 1,530,500 jobs and the forecast was expected to rise by an additional 3.3% in jobs for 2018. 

With a number of locations right on our doorstep, South Africa is home a range of travel options - from the West Coast National Park to Cathedral Peak in KwaZulu-Natal. 

Spoil yourself and spend the night at the elegant and sophisticated Lanzerac Wine Estate located in the Western Cape.


Lanzerac Wine Estate
Lazerac Wine Estate, Facebook 


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