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Five Reasons to Attend Investec Cape Town Art Fair

This year's Investec Cape Town Art Fair will host a range of must-visit events and experiences, bringing together art aficionado's from across the world. 

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Investec Cape Town Art Fair


Investec Cape Town Art Fair is returning for its 8th annual edition, showcasing art from Africa and across the globe. The event, which is taking place between 14 - 16 February at the Cape Town Convention Center, aims to provide a platform for galleries and artists from Sub-Saharan Africa, North Africa, the United Kingdom, Europe, the Middel East and USA. 

With some big names in the art world in showcase, there are more than a handful of reasons to attend the illustrious event. 


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We have listed five reasons why this year's Investec Cape Town Art Fair is a must-attend. 

1. Night-time showcases

Gallery Night returns, allowing visitors to explore the Cape Town art scene at night. Hosted on 14 February, attendees will be able to hop on a bus and tour the wide range of galleries in the CBD. 

This year, the Art Fair will host a new addtition to the line up with the inclusion of the ART.DOC programme hosted at the Labia Theatre, Cape Town's oldest cinema. ART.DOC will merge both film and art by hosting a number of curated art documentaries. Entry is free of charge to all visitors on a first come, first serve basis. 


2. Unveiling Africa 

The TOMORROWS/TODAY section of the art fair will exhibit a curated selection of work that comments on the socialpolitical dynamics of present day. The section aims to highlight a number of emerging and under-represented artists that may pave the way for the furture of art. 

As household names in the art world, Nkule Mabaso (curator of Michaelis Galleries, Cape Town) and Luigi Fassi (Artistic Directro of MAN Contemporary art Museum in Nuoro, Italy) have co-curated a cross section of the most enthralling and emerging artists from Africa and the diaspora.

Art work displayed within this section will represent the theme of transformation and experimentation with artforms addressing current social and political issues. It aims to be a thought-provoking section for visitors to the art fair.

Some of the artists showcased in TOMORROWS/TODAY will include Danica Lundy of Gallery C + N Canepaneri in Italy, Amanda Mushate of First Floor Gallery in Zimbabwe and François-Xavier Gbrè of Gallery Cécile Fakhoury in Ivory Coast to name a few. 


3. An international exhibit 

The Investec Cape Town Art Fair is the only international fair in Africa and aims to create a dialogue between the Northern and Southern hemisphere. 

Hosting dialogues, talent and a curated display of art pieces from around the world, the art fair provides a  world stage for locals to engage with a range of works from renowned artists.

This year's line up includes the works of veteran Egyptian Fathi Hassis of Lawrie Shabibi Gallery in Dubai, Ghanian painter Gideon Appiah of Afrikaris Gallery of Paris, local performer and sculptor Athi-Patra Ruga of WHATIFTHEWORLD Cape Town along with many others. 


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Investec Cape Town Art Fair




4. Merging sustainability and art 

With climate change on the rise and sustainabiltiy at the herald of each and every industry, artists have taken queue and inspiration from the impact people have had on the environment. 

Titled 'Waste Not, Want Not', the section will display a number of thought-provoking installations and art pieces, including the works of Joana Vasconcelos. 

Known for her installation of a chandelier made out of tampons, Vasconcelos re-contextualises and de-contextualises existing objects. Aside from challenging the norms and creating works that are commentaries to society, Vasconcelos is the first woman and toungest artist to exhibit at the Palace of Versailles and exhibited her work at the 51st Venice Biennale in 2005. 

Other artist that will exhibit work in this section include Patrick Bongoy who will exhibit a number of his works made from rubber and hessian. Bongoy's work is a response to the existing environmental pollution. 


5. Introducing Arte Povera 

Arte Povera, a distinctive type of art form will be displayed by Giorgio Persano of Torino who will display works by the masters of Arte Povera;  Mario Merz and Michaelangelo Pistoletto. A second gallery that will be showcasing work from the Arte Povera period will be Galleriea Massimo Minini. 

Arte Povera is the radical Italian Art movement that took place between the late 1960s to 1970s and explores the relationship between artist and object along with the cultural access of the wealthy compared to people born into poverty. 

This will be the first time that the movement and its art work will be displayed at the art fair.

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Investec Cape Town Art Fair