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a family home by the sea

Micky Hoyle
family home Since its renovation in 2006, fashion designer Craig Port's Bakoven ranch-style house has metamorphosed into an authentic home for Craig, his partner Bryan D Hellmann, their six-year-old twins Khloe and Luke, and the family dog Rocco. Each year, the couple have commissioned different artist friends, using various mediums, to mark the twins' birthday: on display throughout the house are paintings by Tracy Payne, work by ceramicist Martine Jackson, bronzes by Otto du Plessis and mixed media pieces by Kurt Pio. We get to know the family better with their home truths. family home The family time we love the most is when we have dinner together on Friday nights at the 'big' table, and we reflect on the highlights and one lowlight of the week. The twins’ favourite parts of the house are their bunk beds, the swimming pool, and their vegetable garden in the back, where they grow their own tomatoes and lettuce. Our favourite parts of the house are the terraced gardens where the twins’ magical jungle gym and Khloe’s fairy garden is located, and the huge front room with its ever-changing decor thanks to the twins’ imagination and the always-different Atlantic views we have. Our idea of a happy Sunday is a morning swim and walk on Bakoven beach followed by a full breakfast together when we plan our adventure for the day. Entertaining these days consists of kids, cousins, friends, ice cream, balloons and lots of colour! What we hope to instil in the twins is a sense of love, empathy, wisdom, caring, patience and understanding of themselves, for others and towards all people similar or different to them. Our best time of day is the early morning when its seems that it’s just us awake in the world and the sparkling future of the day lies ahead. It’s so infectious. If we were to change anything, it would be our hectic schedules, in order to spend more time together free from the pressures and demands of work life. When we do travel, we head for Plettenberg Bay for a local holiday and Mykonos if we're going overseas. On our to-do list is to add a kids’ den down by the pool, and to visit and explore one new city in the world each year.
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