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fabrica: unmasked

There is a very exciting show at Speakers’ Corner at the moment called Unmasked by design studio Fabrica. Fabrica has a diverse range of product developments to its name that vary from Ndebele-inspired burglar bars to a collaboration with Ash Ceramics for a range of vases, company logos and – more recently, part of Unmasked – rugs and casts. These rugs are so beautiful, you would think this is primarily what Fabrica does, and if you ask me, it is what they should be doing more of: designing rugs! The range of rugs and three-dimensional casts is a minimalistic reimagination of the ancient art form of African masks, which inspired the graphic visuals evident in the rugs. The rugs come in beautiful pastel colours ranging from pinks to greens and blues, with lots of stone hues in between. The rugs are fairly reasonable in price, considering their exclusivity. There will only be 15 pieces available of each design and they are all hand-woven using 100% wool. The 3500mm x 2200mm rugs are for sale at R18 500 each, available at The casts, which are hand-moulded and cast in resin, are also available in a limited edition of 15 pieces per design at R4 500 each. Available to buy at Unmasked, along with Stay Evil Kids’ stone mirror collection and the iconic saloon drinks trolley by Douglas & Company, is showing at Speakers’ Corner until 25 July. If you don’t stop by Speakers’ Corner for Unmasked, you should definitely go to see the fabulous refurbishment work done on the building by commercial property developers Urban Lime. Apart from the gallery, it also has office space and meeting rooms available. Robert Sherwood is responsible for the interiors in all the public areas and meeting rooms within Speakers’ Corner. Urban Lime calls itself “an innovative commercial property regeneration company that transforms and regenerates urban landscapes that have fallen out of fashion into vibrant communities”. It started acquiring property around Church Square in 2014 and is responsible for much of the positive changes in the area. New restaurants and coffee shops are opening nearby, and Church square is now a part of town people can use and enjoy, with comfortable seating, easy access, power points and free Wi-Fi. Urban Lime also played a pivotal role in Bree Street becoming the hot spot that it is today, and is busy doing the same with Florida Road in Durban. What an incredible company! Definitely worth keeping an eye on.