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The Fabric House

Lately we've been feeling a little crafty. Or should we say, we've been itching to get our hands into some serious craftwork, and revamp an old decor piece or two. What better place to start than a wonderful store that sells exquisite fabrics at more-than-generous prices? We caught up with Heather Lund-Truter, owner of the quirky concept store, The Fabric House and chatted to her about her business and how it can help us jump on the upcycling bandwagon. What is the concept behind the Fabric House stores? When I opened my first Fabric House store, I did it with the concept ‘Discounted Designer Fabric’ in mind. We therefore sell high-end upholstery and drape-quality fabrics from well-known fabric brands to our customers at really generous prices. What makes your stores unique? I handpick everything in the store, from fabric to cushions to decor items. What makes us unique is the affordability factor. Customers can choose a quality base cloth to upholster their larger pieces of furniture, while at the same time, going for a gourmet, designer fabric to take care of the finer details of the decor scheme. Our level of customer service also makes us a unique place to shop. We hand hold our clients at no extra charge through the entire decor process. From fabric selection, to adding their own personality and flair to their living space, we are there every step of the way. What is your favourite use for ribbon? We love ribbon! It can be used to make a beautiful serviette holder, to elegantly wrap a gift, or it can be made into a quirky brooch to pin onto your handbag or jersey. It adds a bit of spunk, personality and creative flair to anything. What would you say has been the most 'original' request you've had? Each request is original. When people decorate their homes, or make something handmade, a lot of thought and emotional investment goes into the process. We are lucky to be part of that happy journey. We help pick the item that is ‘just right’ to put the finishing touch into people’s masterpieces. What do most people come to your store looking for? The Fabric House is a one-stop decor shop. People come in and experiment with placing different fabrics and textures together as part of their decor scheme. Some people create cushions out of remnants, while others are inspired by our existing decor items. Everything in the store, whether you use it to make something unique, or buy it as is, will add personal flair to your living spaces. Our specialty and pride however is linen. We import linen from Europe. At the moment our French Vintage Linen is a hot seller. Linen is one of the most versatile fabrics and has a wide range of uses. We also Pre Shrink, Launder, Enzyme Wash and dye your linen to your preferred colour to match your decor scheme. What's a fun DIY project you've worked on recently? Recently we've started to assist clients in putting together a Fabric Pinboard. This makes the whole creative process more accessible, as it becomes a visual challenge. I recently travelled to Europe, and was inspired to put together a Lampshade Skirt (picture above) made from linen. No DIY venture is too big or too small to capture our imagination and get us excited about fabrics and creativity.  To find out more about The Fabric House stores visit