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experts' trend forecasts for 2017

Our Jan/Feb issue covers our definitive forecast for 2017. From stained glass and polished silver to turmeric lattes and terrazzo touches, we present our round-up of what will be hot in the new year. In this exclusive online feature, we got nine of South Africa's foremost creative authorities to give us their predictions on what lies ahead for 2017.

donald nxumalo

donald 1. SMALL SPACE LIVING One of the biggest trends for next year is small space living; the idea of moving to an apartment that is compact yet still has everything you need. A lot of real estate agencies are building residential apartments that are fully equipped with a gym, a restaurant and other communal spaces such as boardrooms for meetings. The focus will really be on having a ‘lock-up-and-go’ lifestyle which is a forerunner in international trends. With that said, the furniture in these spaces will not only be more compact but will also be much more comfortable and of a better quality, due to people having bigger budgets for smaller spaces. donald-trend


marianne 2. LUXURIOUS AND COLOURFUL FASHION Winter is definitely going to be very luxurious, with velvet and fur textures abounding.  There is going to be an unashamedly luxurious feeling about what you wear and how you project yourself.  Women are going to be showing lots of lingerie details under velvet pajama suits or slipping into velvet slippers or boots with their business suits. Colour is going to be very big. We are seeing a return to the rich greens/purples and pinks…sometimes just accents, but always with a lot of attitude. Animal prints are never off the radar, but they have come unashamedly back in the shape of leopard print coats and trouser suits, or leopard print accessories. And then there is the new peach/flesh/shrimp colour appearing on the shelves all over the place. I covet a pair of Pinnacle Rose Pink Airmax 90 Nikes I spotted at the Nikelab shop in Soho. I could kick myself for not buying them, and now they are sold out.  This is the perfect way to get the colour of the moment without looking washed out. nikelab-air-max-90-pinnacle-rose-pink-3

martine jackson

mj_colour_pic 3. DANISH HYGGE TREND I think there will be a focus on enjoying life's simple pleasures, also known as the Danish art of hygge. This will bring coziness in the form of materials such as sheepskins, faux furs and fluffy textures. Pinks in different hues will be seen, and of course plenty more greenery for inside living.
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Khanya Mzongwana

khanya-d 4. OLD-SCHOOL COOKING Towards the end of 2016 we've seen a rise in interest in "ancient" cooking and eating practices, with Mpho Tshukudu and Anna Trapido's incredible book, EAT.TING, a collection of traditional South African recipes encouraging us to "cook like our grannies" by fermenting, dehydrating and pickling our food and increasing the use of forgotten grains like sorghum and millet. And speaking of ancient ingredients, we're eating Tiger Nuts by the overflowing handful now. They're not actually a nut, but rather a small root vegetable indigenous to the Mediterranean. These precious morsels come with an impressive list of health benefits, being cited as high in calcium, fiber, magnesium and great in supporting the digestive system. Oh, and move over, kale - we're swopping you out for seaweed now! The rich salty/umami flavor of seaweed is becoming more and more popular with the more adventurous diner. Speaking of nutritious greens, more and more health experts are turning to algae as a source of Omega 3 - very exciting news for vegans who can't source the important nutrient from any other food product except oily fish. Hannerie Visser of HV Studio took it to the next level with an algae tasting bar at the 2016 Spier Secret Festival.
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J-P de la chaumette

jp_option_1 5. INDIVIDUALISM. INTROSPECTION. SINCERITY. The word ‘authenticity’ is being lobbed around a lot – often quite inauthentically! But there is no doubt that this thinking is also infiltrating our interiors. For me, authenticity is defined by the idea of staying true to yourself. Interiors are not just about implementing ‘the-latest-must-haves,’ anymore, but rather about creating spaces that represent the values and life journeys of their occupants. So, I suppose I’m advocating an ‘untrend.’ Individualism. Introspection. Sincerity. Viva the ‘real authenticity!’ Here’s to interiors that are honest, and in turn unique.


kilmany-jo-liversage-in-studio 6. FLUORESCENT ART The biggest art trend for 2017 in my opinion will be the Rebirth of the Fluorescent. I also think artists are returning to the experimentation of the medium used on surfaces, and subject matter will become secondary. The act of painting through social, physical and intellectual mediums will become the trending topic for 2017.
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khanyisile mbongwa

he5a5804 7. PERFORMANCE ART I think performance art has been gaining momentum in the last ten years, and we have seen spectacular critical development in this field. In South Africa we have been fortunate to experience more and more public art festivals (Infecting the City, Life Art, kasi2kasi, Muizenberg Art Festival) that are popping up, with performance art being a central form, including performative installations, theatre productions adapted for public spaces, galleries hosting performative exhibitions and so forth. More artists and creatives are exploring the performative as an extension of their practice but also as a means by which to explore the nuances and complexities of their subject matter, theme and narrative. We are living in a time where being black is trendy even when the world is a time when decolonisation trends are more than just 'Woodstock Revolutionary' and are actually about inhabiting a way of thinking and being that constantly responds to realities of being African, black, female, queer, trans, non-gender conformist, non-gender binary and again, black.
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storm ross

storm-ol 8. BLOOMS IN AMBER TONES 2017 for me will be about searching for blooms in just the right hues of amber, and pairing them with one-of-a-kind vases to create magnificent tablescapes. I’ll be seeking out rusty mushrooms, peachy garden roses and burnt honey heuchera leaves, mustard bracken and blackened pods. 2017 will be about simplifying and refining my arrangements by choosing only a few exceptional ingredients and letting the flowers, leaves, vases and candles work together to create a visual feast. Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

sergio ines

dscf6549 9. COLOUR-POPPING FASHION STATEMENTS As 2017 rolls in, the toned down hues of 2016 will be giving way to brighter colours. Start searching for something red or yellow now and beat the crowds. Don't throw away your neutrals - they're here to stay. The athleisure trend will give way to what I call 'Hike couture' with loads of back packs and utility pockets making their way into our casual lives. You may even be able to step out in your pyjamas soon as sleepwear becomes streetwear. On the more formal side, I'm sad to see the slim silhouettes giving way to broader trousers and even broader shoulders. On the more practical side, invest in a bomber jacket. It's about to go from casual to formal quicker than you can buy a floral shirt. Oh yes, get a floral shirt.
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