Experience A ‘Wijn’ Tasting Experience Like No Other

The new wine bar in Paarl offers rare wines and a very innovative wine tasting experience.


Wijn | House and Leisure

It all started with a chance meeting. Three people were placed at the same table for a wine tasting experience and bonded over their love of wine. None of them were winemakers, sommeliers or wine writers. They were just ordinary people who enjoyed learning about and (more importantly) drinking wine. So they created a space where people who share this interest could come together and try something rare and exciting. Thus Wijn was born.

The concept of the bar is simple. They stock unique, rare and small-batch wines that you would not normally find in your regular retailers. Often they invite the winemakers themselves to come and interact with customers who want to learn more. If the winemakers are not there, the sommelier’s are armed with all the knowledge they need to tell you the story and significance of what you are drinking. And if you are more interested in exploring the wines on your own, you can do so in one of the coolest ways possible (but more on that later). 

Wijn | House and LeisureWijn | House and Leisure
The Venue  

You will find Wijn in Paarl, in a trendy little lifestyle centre called The Precinct. A revamped old jail, it almost feels like you are entering a speakeasy. You walk through the giant doors (which are the original jail doors), into a brick building that feels like a secret location. Located in the courtyard, amongst other retailers in the centre, Wijn draws you in with its open and modern design.

Dark walls, leather, wood, steel dominated the bar with touches of greenery that soften its edges. There are long communal tables that encourage conversation, either with your friends or strangers as you enjoy the space. While it is a wine bar, there are other beverages on the menu for those who are not fans of wine, so they can enjoy the space too. But I’m willing to bet, that they will sample a glass or two of vino when they see what’s on offer. There is a tapas menu, for when you feel peckish, and live music performances to set the tone of your time at Wijn. 

Wijn | House and Leisure

The Wine

As mentioned before, Wijn offers more bespoke and exclusive wines for you to try. Often these are private and experimental concoctions made from prominent winemakers who have worked on the bigger commercial brands and are making interesting wines in their private capacity. If that has piqued your interest, wait until you find out how you can sample these exquisite offerings.

Wijn has three wine dispensers that house four different bottles of wine each. You can purchase a card at the bar, and then explore the dispensers to see what you want to try. You can choose from getting a taster (small amount), half a glass or full glass from the dispensers. These are priced differently, depending on the wine. If you decide to get a taster from all 12 bottles it will equal three full glasses of wine. Whether you are drawn to particular varietals, interesting names and labels or recommendations from the sommeliers, you can locate a bottle you want to try and have some fun.

Wijn | House and Leisure

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