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Exit Here: A Funeral home bringing Life to Death

Exit Here is changing the narrative surrounding funeral parlours and its aim to celebrate life is echoed in its unique interior design and approach.

Supplied, Exit Here, Agnese Sanvito

Exit Here

A new funeral parlour aptly titled, Exit Here has opened its doors in London and aims to challenge the norms associated with death with a the celebration of life at the heart of the business. 

Renowned reststauranteur and judge on the Great Britsh Menu, Oliver Peyton is the mastermind behind the concept and has partnerned with third generational funeral director, Barry Pritchard to bring death to life at Exit Here. 

Cofounder, Peyton explains the aim of Exit Here. 

'At the heart of our approach is the belief that the death fo a loved one should be marked with celeberation, and be unique to the individual. We want to completely transform the way people apprach celebrating the end of life,' he said. 

Exit Here opened its first funeral home in Chiswick near the end of 2019.

Aside from disrupting the funeral sector and morbid associations with death, Exit Here has created a space that  is the aneithesis of traditional funeral homes.

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Exit Here

Designed by Ben Masterton-Smith, founder of Transit Studio, the space provides an aesthetically pleasing, modern and calm setting with a focus on light and space as stark juxtaposition to traditional funeral homes. 

Transit Studio, based in London was established in 2016 and is a multi-disciplinary architecture and interior design studio that is inspired by travel and transit between places, cultures and people.

Exit Here

Heralding a number of London and international based projects, Transit Studio's work has gained global acclaim such as theri design of the RA Café which was shortlisted in the Restaurant and Bar Design Awards. 

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Exit Here

With Peyton's experience in the hospitality sector along with Pritchard's extensive experience withing the funeral sector has allowed them to tailor Exit Here to offer a complete service. 

'With my lifetime experience in the funeral sector and Oliver's hospitality experience, we recognises the need to modernise the industry and restore trust. Together, we beleive we can inject new life into the funeral business, offering choice and value and being a trusted partner to our clients,' explains cofounder, Pritchard. 

Exit Here


Exit Here offers bespoke casters and catering along with orders of service. Their tailor made caskets have been uniquely designed to echo their message in the celebration of life.


Exit Here casket


Services include a range of options from natural burial, a catered dinner, a celeberation at a loved location or a service followed by tea and cakes. Exit Here tailors their offerings to suit their clients needs fostering a positive look at death and commemorating life. 

Exit Here has collaborated with a range of talented specialists including Nicky Tibbles, florist and founder of Wild At Heart along with renowned Savile Row Tailor to provide suits. 

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Exit Here founders London
Founders of Exit Here, Oliver Peyton and Barry Pritchard