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Local brand Evolution Product's Amanda du Plessis is the local authority when it comes to homeware informed by the past. Eschewing the age of empty, factory made product, her range of homeware and decor items has a sense of history cued by family, friendship, childhood and national heritage. In line with their own brand, American store Anthropologie was one of the first to put her in the global spotlight. We talk to Amanda about Desert Diaries 2, her latest collection, and in particular the Roots and Leaves range with its on trend painterly appeal. What's to love about Desert Diaries 2? The evocative nature of the artworks created by two San children aged 9 and 11 in 1880- !Nanni and Tamme. What trend does Roots and Leaves speak to? I looked into botanicals for a while, but all the designs I found were too 'perfect'. This range hopefully reflects the honest nature of the designs and the manner in which these boys reflected their surroundings. This is something I think we manage to do well in South Africa and that I find lacking in some other countries. What inspired the designs? A visit to the Iziko natural history museum in Cape Town 18 months ago. How has the story of !Nanni and Tamme evolved into a final product? I initially used the lines and the story, but after obtaining permission from The South African San Institute I used the actual artworks in our latest range. What are the major visual elements that set the Roots and Leaves collection apart? The blown up size of the visuals, the use of watercolour paint as an application medium, and the beautiful hand written notes at the bottom of each sketch, detailing the inspiration to each visual. What items are included in the Roots and Leaves collection? 3 printed 90 x 60 cushions ( actually works of art), 1 embroidered cushion and 2 strip dip-dyed cushions. The Desert Diaries 2 collection will be available to purchase from Garden Bleu, La Grange Interiors and online at Evolution Product from 15 March. For further information and a list of prices, email Text: Mila Crewe-Brown