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The Evolution of Business: Joburg’s Inspired Event Spaces

Just the kind of multifunctional, high-tech and sophisticated event spaces we've been in need of.

As the rise of startups continues, and the surge of entrepreneurs in our country shows no sign of slowing down, working remotely has become the intuitive solution for the flexi-employee. Remote and co-sharing office spaces are not new – they’ve been part of Gauteng’s urban fabric for the better part of a decade. What has needed reimagining, is the event space. What is the future for conference and workshop spaces? 

Working remotely hasn’t excluded corporates and SMEs from needing the use of event spaces. Training, workshops and client functions all remain fundamental aspects of business life. The Business Exchange (TBE) is based in Johannesburg’s business districts and exists as an extension of the workspace. They’ve done what very few shared offices have; they’ve carefully considered every aspect of what makes an event a seamless experience. TBE’s event spaces are multifunctional, high-tech and sophisticated; a reprieve from the stock-standard, organza-draped venues typically on offer; less hotel-ballroom, more modern-chic. 

Anyone who’s had to coordinate a network brunch, product launch or presentation has surely encountered the dreaded, and inevitable, unforeseen technical glitches and housekeeping disasters that come with the task. Remarkably, TBE has not discounted the value of a hands-on event manager. As industries progress and evolve, there’s a tendency to do away with old job titles and functions, but TBE has had the foresight to keep one of the most critical functions a priority. 

TBE’s exclusive event spaces are capable of hosting both companies and private individuals. Each event is tailor-made to suit the distinct nature of what their clients’ objectives are. Besides offering an inspiring space, TBE sources suppliers, manages the event on-site, offers optional catering and will go as far as reconciling invoices. Their facilities can take up to a hundred people, which is ideal for intimate events. 

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This post was sponsored by The Business Exchange.