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Embrace Life in a Glass With Angles+Earth Terrariums

Denny Mo has found a wonderful way to express his passion for plants, landscapes and geometrics with his designer terrariums.


Angles+Earth Terrariums | House and Leisure

Building on his passion for plants, landscapes and geometrics, Denny Mo launched his own company, Angles+Earth, which showcases the designer's extraordinary take on terrariums. As Mo's concept has grown in popularity, his online store has evolved into a real-life space at 142 Buitengracht Street in Cape Town, where you can peruse amazing living landscapes in striking glass terrariums.

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angles+earth | House and Leisure


Eye-catching, modern and fresh, these macro-environments are able to inject beauty and magic into any space. Combine that with the angular geometric shapes that Mo creates to house his plants, and you've got a recipe for something special - organic, natural forms in contrast with sharp man-made edges. They're the perfect way to bring the outdoors into your space in a distinct and beautiful way.

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Angles+Earth Terrariums | House and Leisureangles+earth | House and Leisure

Entering Angles+Earth Terrariums in Cape Town is a bit like walking into a jungle. Spanish moss hangs from the ceiling, palm-print wallpaper creates a natural backdrop, large ferns take centre stage and, of course,  a large array of terrariums line the walls. The finishing touch is Mo's dog Cabbage, a golden retriever who you'll likely find happily greeting customers and passers-by.

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Automated Briolette Terrarium angles+earth | House and Leisureangles+earth | House and Leisure

At Angles+Earth Terrariums, you're able to purchase a range of handmade geometric glass containers along with a terrarium-making kit or, if you're not into DIY, you can buy one that's already planted and ready-to-go. If you're a plant lover to any degree, be sure to swing by. These versatile terrariums are the perfect way to green up your living space and make excellent and unusual gifts, too.

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