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Dusty pink takes centre stage in a new collection from Rebel Walls

rebel wallsMixed Memories

Pink has been trending for a while now, and this surprisingly versatile shade is still going strong. Its latest incarnation is as the focus for Swedish wallpaper company Rebel Walls' new Daydreamer collection. Gone are the days when pink was associated only with feminininity or romance – depending on how it's used, it can brighten up an already friendly space, add drama or even help create a calming retreat. A well-balanced shade with a hint of black, otherwise known as 'pink plus ink', dusty pink is unusual and alluring. The new Daydreamer wall murals apply this shade in a passionate deep dive of colour, finding inspiration in dreamy clouds, hexagons, gems and whirling marble. Daydreamer is the third of Rebel Walls' trend collections for 2017, and includes nine wallpaper patterns, among them Patinated Panels, which features a beautiful mottled effect, and a design that's geometric yet expressive (Mixed Memories). 'We believe in the courage to fall in love and act accordingly,' says Johanna Ek, head of design at Rebel Walls, of the new range. 'Home decor should be free from anxiety and filled with lust. If you fall for something at all, you might as well fall hard.' Rebel Walls wallpapers are available in South Africa via St Leger & Viney.
Patinated Panels

Pink Dawn