Discovering the Mastery of Botanical Artist Vincent Jeannerot

Renowned French artist Vincent Jeannerot shares his passion through teaching.


Vincent Jeannerot

For decades, French artist Vincent Jeannerot has astounded people with his original botanical watercolours under the brand Aquarelles Botaniques. Similar to the subject matter he paints, at first glance the works look simple, yet stirking. But upon closer inspection one can see the remarkable detail he captures in his subjects, from shadows cast on a leaf or flower petal to minute bruises on a piece of fruit.

Born in Lyon, France, Jeannerot attended National School of Fine Arts of Lyon, and still holds a gallery there today. He has created delicate botanical watercolours for 30 years, mastering the painstaking technique and exhibiting worldwide. In addition to being a member of the House of Artists (a position he has held since 1984), Jeannerot is also a member of the French Society of Botanical Illustration.

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The Art

His love of botanical art goes beyond his appreciation of fauna. Creating work is a passion that he says awakens new looks in his subject, bringing emotion into the art and filling him with joy. For Jeannerot, bringing out these new impressions in his work means revealing the secret life of his models. This is done by showcasing their tiniest nuances, shadows and details, a process he says 'requires humility and self-denial in the face of the beauty of nature.' This precision is achieved by observation, and ensuring you successfully transmit the sensations you feel when you look at your model.


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Learning from the Master

Jeannerot spreads his love and passion of botanical watercolours by teaching courses and workshops to those who would like to emulate similar work. These classes are mostly held in his workshops, in Lyon, France, but he has done them in other parts of the world, including Australia and South Korea. Sharing his knowledge and craft in such an intimate way is a personal passion.

One-day workshops are available that give you a taste of what you can achieve with botanical watercolours, or a three day workshop that goes deeper and really explores the principals that make Jeannerot's work so appreciable. But whether you are an artist or not, you'll appreciate the magnificent work this artist creates. 


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