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delicate and delicious dishes at tomo japanese restaurant

From the moment you walk into TOMO Japanese Restaurant, you know you're about to experience something exceptional. Wooden steps lead you to an entrance surrounded by beautiful Japanese illustrations drawn or painted on bamboo paper. Open a white curtain cloth and be greeted by an incredible Izakaya-inspired interior that consists of light wood panels, large canvases with writing on and a stunning glass staircase that leads up to space that will soon be a Japanese tea room.

the look

After consulting multiple interior designers, chef-patron David Yen designed the space himself so that it could be as authentic as possible. He has brought many personal pieces into the restaurant, including a large canvas that hangs over the sushi bar that was gifted to his father years ago. As TOMO encourages sharing, the tables are small and intimate, making it easy to access the food you order. Everything from the hashi-oki (chopstick rests) to the tea cups have been meticulously chosen to give an authentic look-and-feel. These little details heighten the dining experience immensely. ALSO READ: #hldiscovery: leather couches, japanese ‘braai’ and concept groceries

the food

Similar attention has been given to the dishes that TOMO dishes up. In addition to Yen who serves as executive chef, there is also a chef from Japan and China respectively. Together they have crafted a superb Asian fusion menu. One of the most noticeable things is that there is no pork on the menu; instead, a variety of fish, chicken and lamb – a range of dishes that you can enjoy tapas style. Choose from miso, sushi, wontons and robata – a kebab-like dish that is essentially 'braaied'. If you're stuck for choice, opt for a bento box that features a selection of dishes chosen by the chef. We were able to sample an array of items from the menu. Big stand outs include the prawn wonton in seaweed broth, refreshing miso with tofu and sashimi, dressed and ready to eat. The bento box is a clear winner. Made for sharing, indulge in delicious items you may not have thought to order. Our bento box featured grilled chicken with mash, hake goujons and a tasty selection of sushi. TOMO is a fantastic place to share tasty food with friends. The wait staff are friendly and knowledgeable about the menu and the diversity will keep you returning for more. Find TOMO in the heart of Cape Town CBD on the corner of Loop and Shortmarket Street. Visit the Facebook page for more information.