Delheim Wines has launched a once-off and limited edition Cape Blend to celebrate founder and wine icon, Spatz Sperling and their 80th anniversary.

Delheim Wines Celebrates 80th Anniversary with Iconic Cape Blend

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Owned and founded by the Sperling Family, Delheim Wines has crafted a unqiue Cape blend in honor of the late wine connoisseur, Spatz Sperling. 

Named to honor Spatz, the Cape blend is made up of four cultivars including Shiraz, Carbernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot and Pinotage. In an offical statement, Delheim Wines explains the meaning being the exclusive Iconoclast. 

'Iconoclast is a reflection of Spatz. Stemming from the Greek word eikon, meaning 'image' and klastes, meaning 'breaker', iconocalst is used to describe individuals - rugged individualist and bold thinkers. The logo takes inspiration from Spatz too. He  was never seen without his hat and his Jack Russel, Nelson.'

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Spatz Sperling with his Jack Russel, Nelson

Purchased by Spazt's uncle Hans Hoheisen and aunt Del in 1939, Delheim echoes strong family values with a strong committment to crafting premier wines in the Stellenbosch region. 

Considered an icon in pioneering the South African wine industry, Spatz created a legacy in his name and for Delheim wines. Known for challenging conventional beliefs and instiutions in the South African wine industry, Spatz was honoured in 2009 with the 350 Celebration Scroll in the same year that the country celeberated 350 years of wine making

In October 2017, Spatz passed away at the age of 87 and left a legacy behind as one of the founding members of the Stellenbosch Wine Route. 


The wine has been crafted in remberence of Spatz's character, with a dark ruby colour and intense core. 

Aroma's from the exclusive wine include dark cherries, cassis, blue berries, dry herbs, spice and tobacco with undertones of perfume. Crafted with a firm tanin structure and supported by dark fruit falvours and spice, the Iconoclast is an exceptional blend. 

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All the fruit used to create the Iconoclast was harvest gently by hand as great care was taken in producing the Iconoclast. Unlike other Cape Blends, which are usually lead by Pinotage, the Iconoclast is Shiraz driven, creating a one-of-a-kind wine. 

Iconoclast retails for R1000 per bottle with only 2100 bottles produced by the Stellenbosch stalwart. The wine has already received recognition as it scored 94/100 points in the 2019 South Africa Special Report by internationally acclaimed wine critic, Tim Atkin, British Master of Wine. 

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