Daniel Stompie Selibe Brings Expressionist Art to Berman Contemporary

In appreciation of the work of a Soweto-born experimental artist.


Enter the Berman Contemporary gallery at 11 Alice Lane and you’ll be met with a rhythmic expression of colour and form. The work of Soweto-born, expressionist artist Daniel Stompie Selibe is described as ‘part collage, part paint and frenzied mark-making.’

Selibe’s work is a deconstruction and reconstruction of musical sounds and images. Embodying a dynamic sense of movement and sense of colourful magnetism, his artwork invites the observer to explore pivotal existential questions. What’s going on? Who are we? How did we become who we are?

In the words of published academic and author, Ashraf Jamal: “No other artist in the realm of contemporary South African art has more daringly confronted the psychic damage at the nation’s core.”

This is what Selibe had to say about his creative process:

Can you comment on your creative process?

My creative process is inspired by a need to create a safe place where I can play and experiment with different colours and rhythms. It is a therapeutic process – a spiritual journey.

What role does your love of music play in your creative process?

Music plays a central role in my work. I begin by listening to music and using the process of musical improvisation to play and express what I am feeling. This process brings out my free-spirited nature – the part of me that creates without boundaries.

In a few words, how would you describe your signature artistic style?

My artistic signature has been shaped by the joy I derive from a daily practice of creating things, then stepping back and critically reflecting on my work. This back-and-forth process of creating and reflecting, creating and engaging, has helped me to define my visual style. Through my work, I weave together relationships between artist-philosopher-creator-builder-connector-musician-questioner.

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