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Cute Afrikaans-to-English Art

Robyn Osmond

Local illustrator, graphic designer and animator Robyn Osmond shared with HL the lowdown on her adorable, proudly South African drawings that have recently been published on Bored Panda to share the hilarity of translated Afrikaans compound words with the rest of the world: Tell us a bit about your background as an artist. I have always loved drawing and painting. I remember drawing on my grandparents' walls as a toddler because they had this really great, smooth wall paint that just called to me. I also loved having drawing competitions with my grandfather - those memories are some of the best of my life. Both my grans were also very artistic and I always liked having that bond with them. My love for art never faded and it is what made me decide to become an animator, because I wanted to bring my art to life after creating it. So I got my Advanced Diploma in Animation and New Media, and I've been making stuff that will hopefully get people to smile ever since! My full time job is as an animator and motion graphics artist but I do a bit of everything. Bumble Bee Perdeby-1080 Why the Afrikaans illustrations? What was the inspiration here? I did the Afrikaans illustrations because I've always loved how descriptive some of the words are. It's a language with so much richness and character. One day someone had left our garden hose lying in the garden, and it was chilling there, covered by grass, like a snake, and I thought about the fact that it's kind of funny and cool that it is called a tuinslang in Afrikaans, and the image of a sad little garden snake popped into my head. The whole thing just kind of progressed from there. Candy Floss Spookasem-1080 What are your mediums? I try to work in everything. By day I'm stuck in front of the computer, and it's digital when I'm animating or designing, so I use Photoshop, Illustrator, 3ds Max, and a whole bunch of other software. But when I get home I do try to use more traditional mediums to get out from behind the PC screen. I have to admit I'm not very faithful to any one medium - I love experimenting, trying new stuff and pushing myself. At the moment I'm very into acrylic, ink and watercolours, but I'd like to get into clay sculpting sometime, and I need to brush up on my oils. Garden Hose Tuinslang-1080 Do you intend on doing more illustrations of this nature? I definitely intend to do more illustrations like these. I would love ultimately to do a whole series and maybe get a little book made. So if anyone has suggestions for other cool words, feel free to message me on my Facebook page and let me know! Deep Fried Dough Vetkoek-1080-copy   Hippo Seekoei-1080-copy   To see more of Robyn's art, visit her Facebook page.