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Coricraft Online

Have you seen local furniture brand Coricraft’s new and improved website?  They’ve given it an overhaul, tinkered with the systems and ensured that it runs as smoothly as any leading e-commerce site would. Head over to and you’ll notice the difference. It’s fresher looking, really easy to navigate and offers shoppers all the choices they could possibly want, from style and type to colour and texture. Specifically, their new site now offers their full range of accessories and each product can be viewed with its various colour/fabric finish. There’s also a clever tool that lets you know which of their products are currently on sale or available immediately. And we really appreciate that it’s now available on tablet and smart phone too. We also spotted a few must have items that have just been launched. Our faves were their saffron yellow Pandora Scatter (R195), low key Coastal Candle Holder (R295), Globe with wooden base (R395) and Turner cane couch (R6995). Go and have a look for yourself at Text Mila Crewe-Brown