The Cool Kids' Guide to Joburg

Meet the city's best and brightest in the HL Johannesburg issue.


Joburg, for all its diversity, remains a city that holds its secrets close — a sprawling expanse of concrete, walled parks, and suburbs packed full of hidden spaces and places. 

But with the right friends – Kenny Jules Morifi-Winslow, Zanele Kumalo and Keneilwe Mothoa – the city can be one of the most accessible and exciting places on earth.

We've reached out to a few of our friends, people we think make the city great, to get their picks of Johannesburg’s finest offerings.

24 Hours in the City of Gold

Want to start your day off right? To find the ultimate brunch in Johannesburg watch our interview with one of the city’s most fashionable residents, 'fashion anthropologist' and 44-Stanley resident Kenny Jules Morifi-Winslow, who takes us across the city to find the perfect coffee and eggs.

It’s no secret that Joburg has become one of the world’s great art cities, so to sort your art fix we spoke with editor, DJ and culture kid Zanele Kumalo for her picks of the city’s best spots to soak up some inspiration. We start off at the architecturally spectacular Circa Gallery in Rosebank’s Keye’s Art Mile, then head out to the rest of the city in search of art gold.

No trip to Joburg would be complete without taking a turn at a few of it’s bars and clubs. Designer, muse, and one half of the Prime Obsession duo Keneilwe Mothoa is no stranger to the city’s nightlife and opens the door to a few of city’s most exciting spots in the video below. Make sure you check it out before you book your cab, the trick is to plan ahead so you can kick back and soak it all in.

What’s the best part of your Joburg? Let us know on social media by using the #HLMyJoburg hashtag so we can share it on our side, and make you part of our story.