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clive van den berg's best public works

When you consider some of South Africa's most culturally significant public spaces, you can bet that artist, curator and designer Clive van den Berg had a hand in bringing their aesthetic vision to life. From conceptualising one of the most iconic meeting points in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, to designing the largest mosaic commissioned by Nando’s Kings Cross in London, his work is never without his unique brand of artistic expression. Here are six of his favourite public works to date – and why.

nelson mandela centre of memory

'There are few institutions I respect as much as the Nelson Mandela Foundation, so to be asked to design this and other exhibitions there was a privilege.'
Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory

freedom park

'This was one of the most ambitious projects of the democracy, both in its scope of content – from the beginnings of life to the present – and in its architecture and landscaping. It is rare that one gets to work on something so large.'
Freedom Park Freedom Park in Pretoria

constitution hill women's gaol

'There are few spaces in the country dedicated to telling the story of how women contributed to the making of the democracy. Housed in the original restored buildings, this museum sees former inmates describing their experiences in the spaces where they were incarcerated.'
Constitution Hill Women's Gaol

letšeng diamond discovery centre

'Tracking the story of a diamond from its geologic origins to final function as adornment or drill bit was what inspired this design. Everything from furniture to carpets was aligned to be a component of the narrative.'
Letseng Diamond Discovery Centre Letšeng Diamond Discovery Centre

eland in braamfontein

'It has been many years since the great eland roamed Braamfontein. This sculpture is a reminder of the significance of this majestic animal and its importance to our natural heritage.'


coming to the city, nando's kings cross, london

'The people at Spier Architectural Arts, who made this mosaic, were so skilled and entirely committed to realising the design in all its complexity. It was such a pleasure to have my design treated with such respect.'
Coming to the City mosaic Coming to the City mosaic

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