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Ceramic Tiles

When renovating or decorating your home, cover your floors in durable and stylish tiles, or add flair to your bathroom or kitchen with unique ceramic designs. Kt Tiles offer a uniquely conceived wall tile collection. The tile designs, all individually made by hand, will add character to your wall or floor when interspersed with matching plain colours. HL chatted to Kerry Toy, owner of Kt Tiles, and asked her exactly what the functional advantage of ceramic tiles are... 'Ceramic tiles fulfil many practical functions; not only are they hardwearing and stain resistant, but they are easy to keep clean and retain their shape, colour and design for many years,' says Kerry. 'They also allow for infinite combinations of colours and designs, allowing for personal and unique expression. They can be installed in a variety of locations - bathrooms, kitchens and living areas. In this way they are not only functional, but can become a feature or focal point in your home.' The tiles measure 60mm x 60mm and are perfect to mix with matching colours. Kerry also does commissions, so you can choose images of your own to custom fit your home. In the May issue of HL, read about our top 26 flooring finishes. As part of our Solutions section, we uncover the latest and greatest underfoot finds to suit every style, taste and budget. Read the article on pages 131-143. Kt Tiles is based in Cramerview, Joburg. Visit their website at to see their range of designs or contact Kerry on 082-853-7481 or email her at for more information.