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Buying a Second-hand Sofa

BEST BUYS: Pick an area packed with second-hand shops and antique stores to start your search. If wandering around and scratching through dusty furniture isn't really your thing, try Gumtree, which always has a huge choice of good-as-new second-hand finds and new offerings from manufacturers too. Here are a few tips to help you get started.
  • Try a big rounded sofa with back and arm support, which is low-slung for a modern spin.
  • Trendy corner couches are perfect for extra seating in multifunctional rooms.
  • Modular units build up your seating requirements. Instead of pushing them against a wall, use them to divide an open-plan room.
  • If you have a small space, look for a compact sofa with narrow arms that won’t constrict the flow in the room. Make sure it has clean lines to avoid the bulky look.
  • A sectional sofa is ideal for a big room where you entertain or where the whole family gathers.
  • A compact two-seater is just right for an intimate get-together in a smaller room.
  • Sleeper couches are great for TV rooms.
You pay more for quality pieces, but be sensible about your purchase and consider its purpose - a cheaper second-hand sofa for the kids’ playroom will do. SOFA SOS: You can refurbish a couch to give it your own individual touch by changing the fabric. Go for easy-to-clean slipcovers or use a stylish throw and accent cushions. Protecting your sofa will prolong its look. A good dose of Scotchguard every six months will do the trick and for everyday mishaps use unscented baby wipes. If you opt for slipcovers pop them into the washing machine every so often. They’ll also save your sofa from too much wear and tear. *Remember to read Gumtree's tips for staying safe online.