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Bring art and design together

Bridging both the world of design and art, the rugs produced by Mineheart are great examples of unexpected decoration.

Highlighted in our HL 2015 Trend Report, these are found amongst other designs that manage to capture a smile and surprise the user with their playful approach and unusual pattern application. Mineheart was launched in 2010 by designers Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia of Studiomold and Young & Battaglia. Their name originates from the Shakespearian English words 'mine' and 'heart', meaning 'my heart'. We certainly 'heart' these creations!


Cowhide Rugs



Sistine Pendant light

mineheart01 Mineheart

King Edison pendant lamp

Mineheart07 Mineheart06Milking stool, finished in gold leaf effect

Mineheart05Undercover antique plate


'Uncle Walter' - Ornate framed canvas print. Below, 'Madame Blush'


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