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Breaking Boundaries: Refilwe Moloto

Refilwe Moloto, CapeTalk’s new breakfast show host, is shattering the glass ceilings that have held radio to its past.

Supplied, Cape Talk

Refilwe Moloto

Cape Town’s longest-running talk radio station, CapeTalk, recently unveiled a major change to its daytime line-up with a historic announcement of its new breakfast show host. And already morning listeners are celebrating the appointment of groundbreaking business analyst and media maven Refilwe Moloto.

The move is significant as Moloto becomes the continent’s first black woman to anchor and host a commercial talk radio breakfast program solo.

Moloto takes over from the beloved Kieno Kammies, who moved to a new daytime slot. We caught up with Moloto a few months into her new gig to get inside her remarkable story.


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How did you get your start in radio? 

As a contributor to Business in Africa on the Afternoon Drive show with John Maytham. I’m an economic strategist - my background is in economics, investments & asset management – I used to share my insights on business, economics and investment on the African continent.

I then stood in on the Money Show for Bruce Whitfield a few times, and it seemed Cape Talk and I had a strong synergy.


What is it like being the first black woman in Africa to solo host a Breakfast show on commercial talk radio? 

It’s an unfortunate reality that there are still so many firsts for women and black people in so many fields in 2019 - the acuteness of the lack of strong female voices driving the agenda in talk radio was concerning enough, but discovering the void as pertains to black women really floored, and frustrated me.

The weight of “firsts” can never be taken lightly. Until one becomes the norm, there is an inordinate amount of scrutiny that extrapolates opinions or confirms biases about a group - that’s par for the course.

Cutting through the bias by leaning into one’s individuality is a necessity and also very natural for me, without trying to separate myself from the group.

I am a woman, I am black - I adore being both those things, and they certainly play a massive role in who and how I am – but they aren’t all I am.

And informing onlookers of that fact, elegantly and authentically, is the burden of all who are “firsts” of any kind. It’s a responsibility I carry proudly and with honour - I’m enjoying representing my sisters, as much as myself.


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What can we look forward to on your show?  

Well, the show has been on air for a few months now. We have been offering the news and views one would expect from a breakfast show - except I’m deliberate about extending the discourse beyond the neighbourhood and city.

Cape Town is a global city, and competes as such - from investment to talent to tourism and industry, so we can’t talk in a vacuum. 

It’s critical to participate in our local daily lives as the global, African and South African citizens that we are - each of which implies its own - and so, being informed on all those is imperative.

We have a great deal of fun informing our audience in addition to the news and views. The show has daily features, like Moolah Mondays and Trendspotting Thursdays where our resident experts and other guests give great personal insights and interesting mega trends affecting your business.

We love shining a light on persons of excellence, and our weekly Friday Trailblazer highlights just that, with people like business titan Nolitha Fakude and retired Constitutional Court Justice, Judge Edwin Cameron. Our Chef’s Corner feature every fortnight, for example, has fast become a listener favourite.


Top 3 dream guests for your show?

Stay tuned! We’ll share those names as soon as we’ve booked them.


Tune into Breakfast with Refilwe Moloto Monday – Friday, 6 – 9am on CapeTalk 567 AM or DSTV channel 885.

Follow @CapeTalk and Refilwe Moloto at @RefilWest on Twitter.


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