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Blackboard Wall Tattoos

As decorative wall stickers take off in popularity, the eclectic wall art craze just keeps growing. From Whimsy wall decals to 'anything goes' Mix 'n' Match wallpaper, the styles and options are endless. It seems that the demand for quick and easy-to-apply DIY products is here to stay. We've scouted another great addition to the clan, which is as attractive as it is handy. If you're one of those people who scribbles down your shopping list daily or makes a sporadic to-do list on the fridge, then you'll adore the new blackboards from Forget the old school version, and rather go for these stick-on vinyl blackboards. Thanks to their fuss-free approach, you simply stick them onto your wall and write or draw directly on them. Then, to clean them you just wipe the surface with a cloth and you're ready to start all over again. Not only are they great for regular list-making, but they're also the perfect scribbling surface for kids. or ideal as reusable notice boards in the office. From speech bubbles to African continents, the fantastic range comes in six fun, distinct designs. Each one is available in various sizes, with prices ranging from R160 to R620. Each blackboard also comes with a piece of chalk so you can get doodling right away! You can order yours online at and as soon as the order has been received, your wall tattoo will be produced within 1 or 2 days, then posted or couriered nationwide.