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black magic: house and leisure designs a botanical wallpaper inspired by hendrick’s gin

For this month’s #HLBackToBlack issue, we entered into a creative partnership with iconic brand, Hendrick’s Gin to design a wallpaper that would serve as an accompaniment to the Bordeaux cocktail. The brief? The wallpaper needed to make visual reference to the two ingredients that have come to embody the aroma and taste of Hendrick’s Gin – rose and cucumber. House and Leisure graphic designer, Victoria Meder got to work on the brief, delving head first into the peculiarities and idiosyncratic visual palette that personifies the Hendrick’s Gin brand. We sat down with Meder for a quick Q&A, hoping to catch a glimpse of what this creative experience entailed.

What were your first thoughts on the brief?

I was briefed with creating a wallpaper that complemented the sense of stately sophistication that the Bordeaux cocktail exudes. It was important that the end product paid homage to the two iconic ingredients – the rose and the cucumber. At first, like with most ‘out-there’ creative briefs, it baffled me. But the more familiar I became with the Hendrick’s Gin brand, the more open I found myself becoming to its quirkiness, its tongue-in-cheek sense of humour and its whimsical character. When I eventually started putting pen to paper to come up with a concept, I started playing with different ideas and my desk became a jumble of pens, magazine cut-outs and cardboard. I answered the brief by having fun. And that’s all that a creative can ever ask for.

Take us through your creative thought process.

I love the stark contrast of a monochrome colourway, so black and white was my go-to almost from the beginning. I wanted to encapsulate the elegance and refinement of House and Leisure. But I also needed to introduce a sense of playfulness to the aesthetic. At first I thought that roses and cucumbers couldn’t possibly co-exist happily but, as I learnt while doing my research, Hendrick’s Gin is all about bringing the stuff of our dreams to life. And then it all made sense. I sketched, I erased, I meddled, I played. And the concept began to take form.

What are some of the décor items you’d love to see paired with this wallpaper?

I’d love to see it paired with a statement chair in turquoise suede, or a couch in sunny goldenrod. A tall vase holding white lilies, perhaps? Or what about a glass-topped table laid with blush accessories? Thankfully, with black and white you have a lot to play with. Make sure you get your copy of the Black issue and try your hand at making this sublime cocktail.

hendrick’s gin bordeaux cocktail

Ingredients 37.5ml Hendrick’s Gin 12.5ml Chambord Liqueur 50ml espresso coffee 1 bar spoon castor sugar 2 bar spoons blackcurrant jam Method Combine all the ingredients in a shaker and mix well. Strain through a sieve, pour into a glass and savour. Please remember, when enjoying the unusual, to do so responsibly. For more information, visit hendricksgin.com or connect on social media: Facebook: @hendricksginsouthafrica Twitter: @HendricksGinSA Instagram: @hendricksginsa This post was sponsored by Hendrick’s Gin.