Behind the Lens: @theminimaleblogger

In our latest issue we sat down with Instagram mogul and aesthetic connoisseur, The Minimale Blogger to talk all things interior design and city living.


minimale blogger


Known by her Instagram name as the Minimale Blogger, Wijdan Arendse-Hendricks has taken social media by storm with her love for a minimalist way of living pioneering her love for clean lines, subtle colours and a chic street-city look that has adorned many followers. 

Founding, Before Me - ' a curation of previously owned lifestyle homeware for interior fanatics; unique pieces with a history made before me', Hendricks has merged her love for a minimal lifestyle with interior pieces and homeware, promoting the concept of re-use. 


As our latest issue focuses on City's and city living, we could not think of a better match to feature the Cape Town-based influencer turned minimalist specialist. 


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What does city living mean to you? 

City living, for me, is this elusive but omnipresent gravitational pull toward productivity — but it’s a pull we need to be open to in order to grasp it.

Being surrounded by architectural feats, cafes, museums, city-folk in suits riding bikes with briefcases stowed away somewhere clever — it’s a modernist way to navigate the bustling city life and doing it the smart way. 


Which South African city best fits your style and aesthetic and why? 

Cape Town’s diverse landscape has enabled me to traverse every phase in my life with absolute ease; to both understand and appreciate the evolution of my style and aesthetic.

This city has been the figurative chameleon for me — adaptable to oversee my evolving creativity, while providing the quintessential backdrop for all of it.


What is the best thing about living in the city? 

Access to everything with relative ease.

While visiting Paris last year for a solid month, I realized how easy we have it here in Cape Town to be able to access beaches, mountains, cafes, art, markets etc all within a 10km radius. 


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What is the first thing that you do when you get home? 

My husband and I recently moved in to our own space - an apartment right near the beach - and it’s become a personal sanctuary for us.

The first thing we do when coming home, we thank God for allowing us safe passage, then take off our shoes and switch the kettle on for a good cuppa coffee (or, of late, a chamomile tea) to help decompress.


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