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Beef tataki with daikon

Michael Le Grange <strong>Styling</strong> Gemma Bedforth


For the beef tataki 400g beef fillet salt and pepper, to taste sunflower oil For the dashi broth 1L water 1 × 30cm strip of kombu 1 cup bonito flakes for the quick daikon pickle ½ cup yuzu or lime juice ½ cup white-wine vinegar ½ cup sugar 200g daikon, sliced For the ponzu gel 1 cup orange juice 1 cup lime juice 1 cup lemon juice 1 cup soy sauce ½ cup brown sugar 1T agar


Season the beef, rub oil on it and griddle it over high heat for a minute per side. To make the dashi, place the water and kombu in a pot and heat it to boiling point over 10 minutes. Just before the water boils, remove the kombu and add the bonito flakes. When the water boils, take the broth off the heat and allow it to steep for two to three minutes. Strain it and set it aside. Make the daikon pickle by heating all the ingredients but the daikon in a pot until the sugar dissolves; pour this over the daikon. To make the ponzu gel, whisk all the ingredients while you bring them to the boil in a pot. Let the liquid set in the fridge, then blend it and pass it through a sieve. Plate the dish by slicing the beef and placing it at the bottom of each bowl. Add the pickled daikon, then top with dots of ponzu gel and garnish with radish shavings and shoots. Serve with the dashi in a jug on the side. serves 5 to 6 Note: Sweet rice flour, Fu Chi chilli sauce, water chestnuts, yuzu and bonito flakes can be found at specialist Asian stores. Indochine at Delaire Graff Estate, Helshoogte Pass, Stellenbosch, 021-885-8160,
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