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bar and bistro: the two sides to the moveable feast

Walk through one door and you enter a chic bistro with small white tables and large angled mirrors. Walk through another door and you're in a cool bar complete with a stage for live entertainment and space to roam about. These are not two separate places. It is the two sides of The Moveable Feast, the newest restaurant and bar to hit Kloof Nek in Cape Town.

the bistro

Enjoy relaxed dining at the French-inspired bistro that offers a short but memorable menu made in an open kitchen. Contemporary and minimalist set the tone for the eatery, with everything from the condiment containers to the furnishings embodying the pared-back aesthetic. Stunning large mirrors that adorn the walls make the space feel bigger than it is, while a balcony allows you to recline and look out on the street below. When it comes to the food, expect tasty and delicious with attention to detail in the plating and presentation. Savour a mix of French cuisine alongside firm favourites like steak and burgers. Clear standouts are the roasted beetroot starter with cream cheese, and the Daube de Springbok done in red wine with burnt onions and blushed tomatoes for mains. They also have a zingy apple tart for dessert. The Moveable Feast bistro is currently open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner.

the bar

A  luminous sign about the bar is the first indicator that you have entered a completely different atmosphere in this section. This is a space where you can have a casual drink, quiet bite and (more importantly) experience a variety of music and entertainment. From drag shows to musicians, the bar offers an eclectic mix of acts in the evenings, while during the day you can sit on the balcony, sip on a drink and enjoy the views. The bar is open Monday - Saturday from 11 am until late. For more information and for the weekly gig guide visit