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banele khoza explains his conceptual space in braamfontein


Artist Banele Khoza recently opened up his own space, BKhz, in Braamfontein – an exciting mix of design from neighbouring designers in the suburb, alongside a collection of his own artworks, and group exhibitions created via ongoing collaborations with other artists and friends. House and Leisure caught up with Banele this week to better understand his multifaceted approach to the space. ALSO READ: Joburg City Guide: Braamfontein revisited  'The space has been rumoured to be a gallery/shop/studio/artist project. Perhaps it is a collective of all of the above, that is why I myself do not know the actual answer to it. I also do not know how it will adapt going forward as there will be plenty of projects taking place; there will be an activation of talks; there will be curated shows and open studios,' says the artist. 'This is a space for creativity, driven and led by expression. I thank the landlord as he agreed to all my absurd requests of wanting to paint the floors green – he had no problem with it. And that is what I hope to achieve with the space, where people are given maximum expression. That is what I am interested in.'

Banele, who won the prestigious L'Atelier Gerard Sekoto Award in 2017, says being an artist is just one aspect of his career. His love for design influences his artwork, and vice versa. 

'Design has a soft spot in my heart, perhaps because I grew up with the desire to become a fashion designer, with that I have been able appreciate design and designers. I was schooled by Nate Berkus on TV on how to shift spaces and design on a budget. All that influence and watching design-related shows has fuelled my love for interior design.' 

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For Art Week Banele will be having a conversation with Thabang Monoa (PhD candidate and lecturer at the university of Johannesburg), where they will speak of previous works that Banele has done and the direction for his space going forward .
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